what is dicrimination??

Being Chinese overseas in Indonesia for the whole time in life….. I have been change my mind for a few times about this discrimination things…..  Quite long time ago, i was thinking that i’ve been discriminate…. As a Chinese overseas in Indo, i found that life is harder…. and once, i tried to change myself into pure Indonesia/Java people, and of course that was the most stupid idea in the whole universe….. But i was still in the elementary school! I couldn’t help it!! As i grow older, i got more information, and found that discrimination is not only belongs to me as Chinese overseas in a country so called Indonesia. Some pure indo also complain that they’ve been discriminated too. It is not only about races… but also about religion, gender, sex……. and so on.  Lately…. after i got tampered, molded, stretched,  skewed, heated, frozed…ect…in my sociaty, i think…. i got confuse about “what discrimination is”.

I have been asked to bring along my father and his father pepers, to prove that my ancestor is Indonesia citizen, just because i need to go to school. Me and my siblings have been quite independent about school registry since we were in High school. that’s why I know exactly what kind of paper i need to bring along with me. When i was registering myself in public university, i didn’t bring my grand father damn paper with me…. I just have my father paper with me. And…. the man behind the biro bar asked me that paper!! As i have read lots of things about that damn paper in the newspaper (i wasn’t a internet geek at that time)  and i have my own KTP (damn Indonesia ID card) since 17 yo, proving myself as true Indo citizen by bring along that old damn paper sounds soooooo stupid!! I told that man behind the Biro table “I thought u don’t need that paper anymore? I read that kind of things in the newspaper, besides, i have my own KTP?” The Result?? Of course…..i have to go back to the office the next day bringing that old magic paper!!

Oh yeah…. as a good citizen, I make my own KTP, when i was 17 yo.  Oh yeah…i asked the RW people to do it for me, i was damn freak out of making that ID on my own. I got scared of spending days in the Kelurahan and Kecamatan, cos the biro-crazy, and of course because i’m chinese….  The RW people gave me fix price which he openly said that my price is higher than the true Indo…..  It was about 20K higher, and i just gave him what he want, and grumbling all the way home, and 2-3 hours after that……

I spend my childhood in a small town in central Java, called Pati.  To all of u whom as old as me (yeahhhhh that old), and having ur basic education in Indo, u might remember this city from ur PSPB book (wow!! PSPB!! what the hell of subject is that??) Pati is one of the strongest basis of  PKI in central Java, together with Madiun….. Became chinese in the “tamed-communist” area was not so comfortable….. U can almost hear the police officer joking : Oh yeah… cinese=comunnist. Or…. the people in the neighborhood gossiping about old ex-Communist Chinese madame.   Well, as a little 80% chinese girl (i left the 20% for my grand ma, she is true java) …. all i can think is….I hate myself being a chinese….. More over when u can always hear kids on the street teasing u, called u Cinooooo!!!

Thank’s God, everything is over now. I take myself as it is, as 80% chinese who life in Indo for ages….. Have my KTP and it means i’m indonesia citizen. I love Indonesia…..just like Panji Pragiwaksono. I think….when i’m no longer love Indonesia, i’ll immigrate, just like Suhu Epen….. I felt so pity t all the people who keep on complain about Indo, and still called Indo as home. They keep on compare Indo cities with other cities abroad, but…..still in Indo for most of their life…… Well, complain for me means: talk-talk-talk about how ugly Indonesia is, but doing nothing at all, not a single drop to change something. Complain about dirty places in Surabaya, but keep on littering around the city!! That’s what i call “complain”, and it would be the most stupid option to choose.

Ok….back to the discrimination….. After i grown up, i found a lot of people talk about discrimination, not just the chinese overseas…..

I heard the job seeker say : this is discrimination, as long as u’re not chinese, u can not have that job!!”

I heard the public institute lecturer gossiping : If u’re not graduate from ITB, don’t dream about having good career here!! What a discrimination!

I heard the private university lecturer gossiping : U can not have a good career here, if u’re not Christian!

I heard the private school student say :  They won’t gave us break during the school hours, to have our five time praying….

I heard the univ officer gossiping : If u’re not from East java, don’t u ever think that they’ll hire u!

And sooooo on…… So… what is discrimination??  What is the differences between “rule” and “discrimination”?

If the air line only take the good looking girls to be their flight attendant…. is it means discrimination?? Or rule??

If a company prefer male applicants,  over female applicants who have the same/more qualified in that field…. Is it discrimination? Or rule?

If a company only take applicants from certain university, and will reject the other…. is it discrimination? or rule??

If  a Catholic school don’t have other religion in their subject list, is it discrimination or rule?

If the government ask some tax to build a church (IMB), and free of tax to build a mosque….. is it discrimination? or rule?

If the government ask more money from chinese businessman, compare to the pure Indonesia,  to have their business registered…. is it discrimination? Or simply rule?

I think i’m soooo used to the discrimination…. if i like to call it that way. Otherwise, i can always called it rule. Rules that build Indonesia….. I think…. if  i can’t stand with all these rule anymore…. i can always leave Indonesia…. Move to other place, where i can take their rules….. If u felt as a woman, your career will always stuck in that company, cos the rule of the company is…. only man will be the head, why don’t u just leave?? If I read in the job vacancy : we only take ITB students…. I will not trying, i can always find another job vacancy…..

I don’t care about discrimination!!

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