Blah-blah-blah……. (better wrote before my head blows!!)

oh yeah…. another blah-blah in english. I knew… my english is only 1 level higher than crap, of course mine is not crap!! hahaha!! well, i’m not gonna change my whole post into english…. no way!! Even in bahasa Indo, i felt so lazy to write something….than i need to kill myself to write every post in english!! So… why do i need to write in english? Not because i need to show off…. (of course i’m no…t!!) i just feel it better to write in english, as this thing i wrote is about SARA. well, it is sensitife things… and felt a bit rude to write in bahasa Indonesia….. Anyway…u may think i’m over sensitive….but in the end, this is my blog, i can do whatever i want to!! huahahhahaha!!! *the mask rider pose, please*

I read some news about Afghanistan refugees, a few days ago…. It is not the first case happened in Indonesia, mostly the east part of Indo. A lot of Afghanistan illegal immigrant sailing through indo ocean, to reach OZ. Of course…. indo is not their final destination!! Indo is well known as the crossroad for Afghan refugees.  It reminds me a lot to those boat people of Vietnam during the Vietnam civil war 1975-1979. They sailed (i think, going with the stream would be a better description) in a small boat, some of the boat even leaked!! It sounds like they packed a little boat with around 100 people, man and women, kids, babies….. They all escaped from their countries, cos they’re afraid of war, or… for the Afghan people, i might say they’re tired of war.

Meanwhile…. lots of Indo people become refugees in some country, such as Canada. Lot of Indo people seek for asylum in several embassies in Malaysia. Lots of Acehnese became illegal refugees in Malaysia, only some of them seek for asylum…. In late 1998, a lot of Indo people seek for asylum in Singapore and Malaysia… Yesterday, i have a long chat with my ex-univ mate, he is in New Jersey now. He have been in USA for more than 3 years, and he is trying to apply green card now. let us call him Mate,  Mate is not a refugee, he use student visa.  He told me that he is married to Indo but USA citizen recently. Before i explain further, i have guess that this girl would be a refugee, and i was damn right. Mate told me that his wife have been in USA more than 10 years… she and her family must be run out  of Indo at 1998.  Not surprising at all! I remember, the  honda jazz car in Taman Anggrek apartment parking lot, it have covered with thick dust. very thick, so u can write things with ur finger there, and that was what people have done with that Honda jazz, and no one even bother to wipe it, time will wipe it anyway…… It looks  like no one move it for ages…. Words spreads, that the owner have run out of Indo at 1998, leaving anything behind……

I think i was damn innocent….i was never imagine that there will be a lot of Indo refugee out there, till somewhere around 2006 i met some of them, and it have open my new horizon!!  That old man, i met in cooking class, he and his family is Canada citizen. They were seeking asylum in Canada Embassy from Singapore, on 1998. Now, after become Canada citizen, he come to visit Indo sometimes. I think, some of his relatives still in Indo…..and i think, he love indo environment, no matter what….

May 1998 was a tragic,  yet mystic moment, for Indo people….not all actually… it is more to chinese overseas In Indo, In jakarta, to be specific…..  Tragic cos it makes a lot of damage…. killed many people….. makes a lot of Indo become refugee abroad…. But mystic…cos u can’t never understand what have happened.  None of those Indo refugee i know, ever told me what happened to them…. The story about May 1998 In jakarta sounds like an urban legend…. U can see the left-over destruction there….but u can’t barely know what have happened. U can hear people telling a story about many chinese indo being raped at that moment, but u can’t find the victim…no one come to testify. That’s why, somesay that it was only mass robbery, cos many people are hungry, and hungry people is angry people. Nothing more than that. No chinese hatred…..

I was in Surabaya at that time. On 1998 i was in my first year univ. (oh my god!!!!! i’m that old!!!) Surabaya is relative silent…. But, have u ever think, how it feels to be in a univ building, been told to to run on some certain spots inside the unive, just in case people cam attacking during the class….  In some spots, u can find sticks to defend urself  (i saw that sticks in martial art demonstration, when i was on my first day in univ)  My univ in Surabaya is located in a dense middle to low housings. Pretty strong muslim spot….and my univ is Christian Univ. Don’t even ask why that univ built their kingdom there! Accidentally, this univ is full of chinese overseas student, and a lot of christian people from the east part of Indonesia, such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi,  Ambon, Papua, Mataram, ect.  When the Sampit-Madura incident happened, i barely felt my Sampit/Dayak (kalimantan) mates got very nervous…..

So…..what have my ancestor done wrong?? So it looks like, everything happened to this country, the chinese overseas would be the first target?? Even in 1998, it was a big politics chaos, and honestly, before Gus Dur Era, there are soooo less chinese doing politics!! Anyway…. Chinese were banned for politics activity after the PKI (Indo Communist party) did the so called coup… Oh yeah, lately people, including Indo historians doubted that coup incident…. So, why do they attack chinese overseas property on May 1998? I think the one should be blame for our economic collapse is Soeharto and his gank (OK, and his government) cos he make a lot of debt, so we can sell out the whole indo including its citizen, and the debt still un paid!! For me, it looks like i got itchy on my eyes, and i  stab my arm to heal the itchy??  We don’t do politics, but we have to pay the price… what an unfair things. Now, the 1998  mass riot in jakarta never be revealed…..cos…. what else? POLITICS.

some historian said that hatred towards chinese overseas start from the colonized era. And it was set up by the colonialist (Ducth) They didn’t want Indo people become one strong power, cos it would be bad for their ass. So, they kept Indo in separate groups, the Dutch treat each groups differently.  So, just like a kids who jealous to their younger brother, cos they felt that their mother treat them differently….. The native Indo who was set (by Dutch) in the lowest level, always jealous to chinese overseas. And u know…… being a very opportunist is writen on our DNA, as a chinese!! We enjoy this set up, spoiled i may say, and instead of start thinking about this un fair practice by Dutch, we let it happened… I rememeber Douwes Dekker a.k.a Multatuli, he is a Dutch guy, came to Indo, and saw how his government treat Indo native, and he fel soooo damn bad about it, so he wrote a novel Max Havelaar to critize the situation….. What a humanist person…..

So, the colonized era was over for ages….. but the hatred still here…. Actually, the colonialist was Caucasian (Dutch), but….why is the hatred now is toward chinese overseas? Contrary to the situation, we treat the caucasian like a savior! We treat Caucasian like some kind of race above us, Asian!! I don’t want us to treat caucasian as desease, and need to b demolished!! Com’on!! I’m not those shallow-extremist-who thinks that God will blessed them for killing others!!! But, at least we can be more humanist… treat human as human, no matter what race they are…….

I wish I can be more humanist…..

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  1. thank u so much for ur suggestion, to stay away from this tpic 🙂 i appreciate it a lot… (but ur kepo spirits won’t let u stay silent! hahah!!) I agree, that’s why, i only talk about it in this un-famous blog, using english….

    1. I did heard the preacher told people to stay away from “the others” he convinced people to stop sending their kids to “the others” school. once i heard they preach about Bali bombing. They said it was good to bomb Bali, cos Bali is full of sins…. Well, i’m speechless…. I think that hatred wasn’t 100% inherited from Dutch setting… It is more complex than it. But i feel a bit jealous about it, cos…. mostly they only hate chinese, not others…

    2. Oh yeah….most of us thinks that bule is rich, wealthy, and powerful…. In the colonized era, it was true…. but not now. I have open my horizon pretty wide, wider than my spreading legs….. (hahahha!! Of course i do!!) And…of course, some bule are nasty-bossy-free loader- opportunist-snob-no manner!! It is not about race….it is just about human, and human is not always good.

    3. now i called myself chinese indo. I’m not proud about what china do now… as i’m a eco-person… But, deny the fact that i’m chinese is the most stupid idea!! Oh, well, to be honest, if someone put an AK-47 on my head and asked me if i’m chinese or not, cos they’ll kill chinese…..I will told them that i’m Japanese!! Why Japanese? cos when i’m in Bali, people in the street mostly think i’m japanese! hahahaha!!!
    I’m Indo citizen, that’s also a fact…. as long as i dig money from Indo, as long as i called this place as home….i’ll be indo. For me, If someone complain a lot about Indo, they have to stop digging money in Indo 🙂 Complaining is the most useless things in the whole universe.

    4. Indeed, indo people, or asian i may say, are sooo creative. We face our probs, we try to solve it…. One example is : We don’t have fix health insurance… that’s why we creatively thinks about having an independent insurance, or simply save money just in case…. Or… if we don’t have money at all, we can always go to “orang pintar” instead of going to that expensive hospital!! Un like those Western, they have insurance, cos they have to!! Their system push them! See, we’re so creative 🙂

    5. I’m not mad….I’m not complaining…. indeed, it would be tiresome to live in madness 🙂 I can lose all my breath to feel mad, and it won’t change anything…. So, as Indo, i face my problems, i try to solve it, i’m trying to be always creative!!

  2. epentje says:

    darling… stay away from this topic :))
    but i would like to comment some….

    1. DO NOT BELIEVE the story that hatred towards chinese indon (overseas chinese is too big group to only decribe only indon chinese) are/were inherited from the DUTCH, you have to remember that your whole study period is AT INDON and had been poisoned with the INDON government, and they only tell you what they wanted to tell you, including the gossips, so… as always… it is easier to point fingers on other people rather than yourself right? I don’t know why there is so much hatred against chinese INDON, but I witness a preachers actually spread his own personal hatred towards chinese business men and he actually told the audience that chinese DO NOT OWN this land (Indon) and it is their rights, c’mon… if you believe in god, who is the real owner the land again?? who?? tell me??? tell me….
    so, i concluded, hatred come from the shallow personal view which eventually spread towards people with less education background, because those groups will believe him and treat him as a good, and he only can preach to that groups, but most of your colleagues or friends in the big cities, probably will have less hatred… and if you would analyze, the more they religious… they will hate more of non-indigenous (chinese, indian, others… and probably except… you know which, which they love and will bear their babies by being raped…. hahahaha)
    anyway, the other way to see it is hatred because of jealousy, actually nothing to do with race or colonialism inheritage at all

    2. and why oh why indon (mostly asian) LOVE and praise the white? the caucasian? easy to explain… european, australian, north america which are dominated by whites/caucasians are enjoying wealth and success, again.. it is poor praising the rich and hoping to enjoy the sweetness of wealth… and believe me, many of those who ‘in love’ with caucasian… not few of them with motivation of tapping into the wealth or thinking of having a caucasian husband/wife will make them higher in social (well… sometimes it happened) and even the richest man in INDON will not be able to provide them high and recognize social standing in the world, because who is this indon man anyway? the world dont know where is indon yet :)) it is too poor to mention ….. only good politics & government which eventually make indon better will make indon recognize by the world and things will change but not too soon, as many indon/asians were colonized by white… if they were colonize by black, of course we all love black HAHAHAHA…. because ‘close’ to colonial means power upon your own people… who doesnt want that???

    3. how to make chinese or especially indon chinese not suppress and be recognize? easy… support china’s action of showing the world they exist and slowly tapping into the world and showing their true ability… show people to some extend that, you are chinese and PROUD to be chinese, when china’s is recognize as great nation, chinese around the world will be recognize as great people too :)) … so i will only say good words about ‘motherland’ and on whatever situation i will and let people know that i am chinese not japanese nor korean, so that chinese will be recognize as smart with qualities too :)))))… and whenever i did something not so great, i probably will lie i am japanese or korean (HAHAHAHHAAHA)

    4. and yes.. I AM racist prick… who trained me to become one? thanks to great INDON 🙂 … hahaha… but anyway.. having so much exposure to people from the globe, you will know how they function, even those caucasian are totally of different attitudes if they are from europe, australia or america, they caucasians which are very wellknown as very gentlemen, which they will open the door for you (most of them will, even the girls will hold the door for you too) but wait until they are in deep shit situation, they will (and always will) panic and find away to escape from it, not like WE, asians will admit the situation and face it and do something about it 🙂 eventually, having a problem look bads and image is what important for them 🙂 that is why most asian are so cheated with ‘image’ they are selling… poor them…. poor you…. not poor me because i already know how they will react…HAHAHAHA….

    5. but do not mad with anyone, waste of time, you cannot change anything, this is a collective attitudes, you can only change your own and show the world that they also can react differently….

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