The most hated man of the month : Tifatul Sembiring (TS)

OK…. first of all, who is he?? He is my Minister of Communication and Information Technology (Mentri Komunikasi dan teknology Informasi). He is crazy of twitter, so he have account at twitter. And he update it regularly. I don’t mind actually, but… the probs is, he likes to make “stupid” comments in his twitter! Ok , actually he likes to talk, make some statement, but…the problem is, his statements are nothing but showing his empty soul. Show the world that he has no empathy to others, mostly to people who aren’t act and look like him! What a selfish person. Too bad, that person is my ministry…. and ministry should work for the country…. i mean…. for the whole country, not for his own group.

I always been hate mr. Bakrie….. Don’t worry mr. Bakrie, this month u will accompanied by this mr. Tifatul Sembiring. So…here is his wall of shame :

Tifatul Sembiring, sex tape, and cuxifixion

He said Thursday during a breakfast meeting at his office that the public debate over the sex tapes featuring people resembling singer Nazril “Ariel” Irham, TV presenter Luna Maya and celebrity Cut Tari was like the dispute between Muslims, who believe that Jesus Christ was not crucified but rather that someone resembling him was, and Christians, who believe that Jesus Christ was crucified.

The celebrities have claimed the persons in the sex videos are not them.

Tifatul said that confirming the identity of the persons in the tapes was very important to avoid adverse impacts in the future like those emerging from the different views of Muslims and Christians. He did not elaborate on the impacts of the theological discord between the world’s two largest religions.

I really-really-really don’t understand what is the connection between this two events, sex tape and crucifixion? As we know, there are several sex tape  He (Mr. TS) said that the police should finish this case immediately, don’t let this “resembles” case. Is he thinks that we (muslim and christian) should have been decided who was on the cross thousand years ago?? As it is “mission Impossible” it is connecting right to the core of those two faith, digging it would cause a big probs for our P.E.A.C.E. Ok, this is my own point of view about crucifixion : no matter who was there on the cross, as long as i love  others, He would love me back. Back to the Mr. TS, he said (on his FB) that he has no intention of liken Jesust Christ with those porn video actors, nor connecting anything of those both events……. And i said : if u have nothing on it, than WHY did u say it?  May be u should think about this  : say what u mean, mean what u say!

Tifatul Sembiring, HIVand AIDS

Communication and Information Technology Minister Tifatul Sembiring apparently finds it amusing to make jokes about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) patients via his personal Twitter account, @tifsembiring.

On one of his updates posted on Wednesday at around 9:30 p.m., Tifatul said AIDS stood for Akibat Itunya Ditaruh Sembarangan, meaning in English, “caused by reckless use of one’s penis”.

Tifatul was quoting former health minister Sujudi’s remark on AIDS.

I wonder…. is he really don’t know that HIV and AIDS is spread through many-many ways, not just un-protected sex?? Is he really that naive? As an “Communication and Information Technology” minister, i think he have been read many things, as i am only a regular “blogwalker”, and i’m a bit full of information…?? I wonder if he really thinks that all HIV and AIDS patients are really deserve that Virus, cos they’re cursed by God by “using their penis recklessly”. What a shame……  Ok, he defense himself by saying that he was quoting former health minister Sujudi’s remark on AIDS…. and suddenly i feel like i got pulled through the time machine, to the years when i was still on Univ. Cos, this is our stupid yet desperate way to defense our design on the final exam.

panel : Why do u use this colour scheme? it is un match with your concept!

me : i have tried to use another color scheme, but Mr. Lecturer said that it is better to use this one

Me and the whole universe : Stupid and desperate design student!!

and Mr. TS i just as stupid as me (when i was in univ, i’m lot smarter NOW!)

Tifatul Sembiring, handshake and Michelle Obama
Tifatul Sembiring, the Information Minister who says he never touches women who are not relatives, admits he shook Ms. Obama’s hand, but adds he was basically forced into it.

this is his tweet :

“Sdh ditahan 2 tangan, eh Bu Michele-nya nyodorin tangannya maju banget…kena deh. (“ I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched)

Ok…. it is totally useless to judge if  shaking hands with non-muhrim (woman who are no blood related or his own wife) for muslim man  is wrong or right.  And my opinion is : if u don’t want to shake hand, than u have the right for it, it is your hand anyway. U can say it openly “please no touch” or simply don’t appear on an event that made u probably got touch!!

The problem here is…. if u told the whole world that u DON’T want to shake hands (not even touch!!!) non muhrim woman, and at the end, u got caught DOING it……  Yeah…. U have a problem, sir! And…. the most funny part is, u tried to defense urself by blaming the woman (Michelle Obama), via Twitter!! Should i explain you, minister of technology information, that twitter is a world wide social network, and ur follower is more than 5 digit already, and so with ur follower’s followers?? The most weird idea is…. Mr. TS blame Michelle Obama while, the whole video shows that it was totally mutual! I’m not gonna say that Mr. TS looks like a bit bowing-wide grind-enthusiast-and hold Michelle Obama with both hands in that video. I think, for me, it is totally looks like they both in the same polite-enthusiast stage. I think…. blaming others is one of Mr. TS specialties (please refer to the AIDS statement)

I can list million things i hate about this man…. But it would burn my own soul, so i’d better shut up NOW

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