VN-CAMB-KL : The Journey Begin!!

Here I’am!! Back on my lovely playground-alter ego-second life blog! Let me check my last post…. Ehem… embarrassing!! Hee hee! Hey… com’on, I was busy as hell, lately! First of all, I went to Bali for a friend wedding (and a photo project) , and haven’t made any posting about it! It is still somewhere in the air, I even haven’t write it in notepad! I hope my brain still could manage it inside, otherwise, it would fly away!  After Bali, suddenly jobs coming like water pouring from a shower…. YES! It is not too much, but….. it have kept me occupied for a while. CS guest come and go, made me a bit busy….

And…. This is the grand reason…… I was traveling 13 days to Vietnam-Cambodia-and Malaysia! And I prepared this trip together with my sister for about 3 months, in between our daily activity!

OK, for this post and some other more, I would like to make it in English….. Why? Cos I would like to improve my English, unlike Chincha Laurya who like to improve her bahasa Indonesia…. Hahaha! Of course that’s my “funny” reason…. I have 2 serious reasons to make it in english. First, I want this post to be indexed in search engine, hopefully it would help people who need some information about Vietnam-Cambodia. The second reason is too personal, sorry can’t share…. *blushing* And… the last one, sorry for my bad English, hey…. I’m not Chincha Laurya, u know, of course my englis is bad!!

My trip was start at 18 June, end at 30 June 2011. It was me, my two sisters, aunt and uncle! It supposed to be another cousin joining, but she canceled it, 2 hours before the departure time. Her dog was seriously ill, anyway….. in the middle of our trip, her dog died. I guess staying was her best choice. So….how it would be for 5 adult traveling together independently (no tour bus)?? It was 3 girls with similar interest, and 2 adult who have… ehem….well, different interest. To be honest, It is not easy actually…. But we manage it! OK, it wasn’t a perfect trip, but I enjoy it, with its ups and down situation (hopefully my aunt and uncle would think the same way with me)

Aunty and uncle have been traveling a lot, but they never been to Vietnam, Cambodia and Kuala Lumpur. And….they always traveling inside bus tour! So….it is a new things for them! How about me? The only “crossing border” experience I had was Malaysia (kuala lumpur – genting highland)  My sisters have been traveling a bit in Malaysia and Singapore. So….we also un-experienced traveler! So….Why the hell my aunt and uncle decided to got off the tour bus, and traveling independently?? Actually, my aunt have been planned to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia quite long ago, but… the tour was always canceled, cos it failed to gather the minimum participant. Yeah…. It is a common situation for the “bus tour-traveler” anyway….. VN-Camb is not a popular destination for Indonesian tourist. No wonder, it is difficult to find the minimum participant. After seeing me and sisters traveling independently, and arrived home save and sound, she asked me to travel with them, and “help” them prepare the things. And we agreed. Ok, I almost regret this decision, I should have refused it, and traveling without them….. but…well…. Happiness is state of mind (am I too serious??) I have spend my precious time and money for this trip, I’m not gonna regret it, NEVER! OK, put ur fist on the air, everyone!! Repeat it with me : I love this trip! Yeahhhhh!!!!

My aunt hand me over a pile of itinerary she got from the tour agents, and I will make the travel plan based on it. And…. it makes our trip looks like running from the north of VN, hurrying down to the south of VN, escaped to Cambodia, and breathless in Kuala Lumpur. But that’s the tour bus do, I know…… OMG, why the hell I need to imitate them?? OK, I have my aunt and uncle who made me did this…..