VN-CAMB-KL : Marble mountain, Da Nang

The first stop from Hue to Hoi An is, Hai Van pass. It is the highest point we go through, from Hue to Hoi An. What can I say about Hai Van pass? It is a point to watch the beautiful view of central Vietnam, and  there are some souvenir shops  and simple coffee shops in this point. That’s all. So, go grab the camera, take some shot, and leave!

Next is Lang Co beach. The beach was….. good… no much character, but good sand though! It entrance is behind a restaurant! So, it is a bit weird at first, we were afraid that we have to order something to get into the beach! My grumpy aunt started to nagged that we couldn’t go that beach! I ignore her, and start to ask the know-nothing-about-English- waiters, it wasn’t help (of course!!) . Another speaking English waiters recued us, by showing the way, so we got down to the beach. It was really bright morning, but the sand called me, so… I walked a bit on the water, enjoy the sand on my feet! It was great! Till my grumpy aunt gave me a nasty-get-out-of-here-soon!-it is-hot-and-the beach-wasn’t-good- looks!! On the way out of the beach, we found another entrance! I should have use this side entrance, instead of walking through the restaurant! Hahahha!! Stupid tourist!

We didn’t stop at China beach, but we drove along the beach. It looks like newly develop beach,  some reclamations, newly built park, and looks like brand new road. I saw some newly built housing across the road,  and some Villa-looks house built on the beach. My aunt twittered about this kind of housing in Australia. *rolling eyes mode on*

The next stop was marble mountain. This place looks like marble mining area. Lots of marble sculpture store around that place. What is Marble Mountain actually?  It is a hill with some pagodas and temples on it, and… inside too! How? The cave, of course! There are many cave in Vietnam, including in Marble mountain. So, some of the pagoda was built in the cave. It is awesome! I think Vietnam is a very large karts area, that’s why, there are caves here and there around the country. The hill was quite steep, the stair make it better though, but still need efforts to go up. My favorite spot was the pagoda in the cave. The cave was un predicted. It was small at the beginning, and spacious at the bottom.

The driver told us, it is about 1 hour to explore marble mountain, but… honestly, we need more than that! I want to visit every temples and pagoda there, and it was quite confusing! We have bought a map of that marble mountain, but still, confusing! And… the path was not flat, of course! I think I got my legs toned after this marble mountain!

The sad thing about marble mountain is…… The Vietnam Government built a lift now! It haven’t operated yet…. But it have fully built. And….. honestly, it is ugly!! It is really ruin the beauty of the hill! I can’t really understand why the hell they did that!? Ok, it is accessible for the wheeled chair people, but…. is there no other choice? It is really ugly!! Sigh!!

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  1. soethearts says:

    Hi, Lala!

    yes, it is 15000d each and 15000d for map with several ugly postcards! yes, they are ugly, trust me! hahaha! The map was not so helpful, cos it was confusing! But i think u will b more confuse without map.
    Lady with torch? no, did not met her. I guess u better go to Danang in daylight. Or may be u want to see the city light, so u have to stay till dark? I don’t really know about it. I was there at daylight, no need torch. The caves was not that dark, it always have “windows”, so, it is quite lighten up.
    there is a cave with narrow passage going up. Sooo narrow so u almost believe that u can not go through. It name is “doorway to heaven” it will end on top of the hill. Really worth try 🙂 well, heaven always never easy! ahahaha!
    The entry fee is for the whole mountain, i can not say it is 1 or 5. U definitely will going up and down there, found path going here and there, pagodas all over the place, and get confused! But u won’t lost, i guess 😀

    1. anonymous says:

      hahaha.. okay then, surely i’ll go there.. thanks for the info! oh ya, one more question, the China Beach -that u passed along your way to Marble Mountain- is it worth to visit? compare to some nice beaches in Bali like Dreamland, which one is better?

      1. soethearts says:

        U’re welcome 🙂

        about China beach is……well… good enough when u desperately missed sand and water 🙂 The sand is white, the water is clear, but the rest is plain flat! I don’t like to compare a place to another, but if u asked me about dreamland, my answer would be :it is great with waves and rocks. For the china beach, just like i’ve mention it before 🙂

  2. anonymous says:

    hi soe.. what a nice blog 🙂 enw, i’m going to visit marble mountain, is it safe enough to climb up? i heard the stairs was slippery and steep.. thanks!

    1. soethearts says:

      Hi, thank you….. (What’s ur name, dear?)
      marble mountain in Danang is absolutely save. Indeed, it is steep, but all stone stairs, not slippery.
      Happy traveling!

      1. anonymous says:

        ouwh ic..still confuse with the entrance fee, it should be around 15000 VND rite? is it only for one mountain (there’s 5 kinds of mountains,i guess)? and how about the ladies with torch ? i heard some people said that they will guide us whether we want them to or not and asked for some money in the end.. enw, just call me “La”, can make it twice if u want :p

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