If you asked me, what to do in Saigon? I would answer : I don’t really know.

If you asked me, what I have seen in Saigon? I would answer : I didn’t see much

If you asked me, do I love Saigon? I would answer: I would love it!

How could I love a town that I only visited in less than 24 hours? My plane was landed at 2 pm from Danang, after delayed 1 hour. I heard that delay is JetStar’s signature? The next morning, around 6 AM, I have to move to Chau Doc! So… it looks like only my right foot stepped in the city, before the left one stepped in too, I have to left the city. But, still I love Saigon!

I was staying at Bui Vien street, the hottest spot of backpackers area in Saigon. Crowded busy street, really a place to find any travelers need. Tour agents, hotel, hostel, bars, cheap foods,  art shops, souvenirs…… simply anything! I was staying at Hung Han hotel, at 238 Bui Vien street. The hotel was good, clean, free wi-fi, later i found that the breakfast are awesome! But…… just like any other hotel around this area, they’re minumum 3 storey! And…. lift is not one of the priority in Vietnam! Well, don’t be a spoil traveler, and Enjoy!  

Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the famous thing in HCMC. It is out of town, actually, about 1 hour to go to Cu Chi Tunnel, from HCMC. Many arranged tour over a day trip, to visit Cu Chi tunnel or Mekong delta area, such as Cai Be, My Tho, Ben Tre, ect.  All hotel/hostel do this biz to0o, their prices are average, really easy to arrange a tour, once you get there. I have browsed a lot about Cu Chi tunnel, and I found that I don’t want to visit that place! People might have different opinion about Chu Chi tunnel, but for me, it is not interesting at all to see what happened in the war. I read a lot on the web, that’s enough, I don’t want to visit it myself, inspecting the booby trap, and the miserable tunnel, just to give me night mares about the Vietnam war. No way! So, I just skip it. I want to go straight to delta Mekong, and to Chau Doc.

So, in a few hours before the night falls, i was wandering around the city, visiting some landmarks. It was beautiful France architecture! I was desperately looking for rent car for the route. I need a transport from HCMC to Chau Doc, with short visit in Cai be. Bus was not in the list! Too complicated to take bus! I e-mailed the entire rent car I found in the net. Some of them seem to not understand my requirement, so they kept on over me a full day tour, or even 2D1N tour! Some of them finally understand, but…..they asked me at least 300USD for the trip! No way! Finally one Vietnamese CS friend shed a little light on my probs, he gave me this

315 Nguyen Thien Thuat, District 3, Ho Chi Minh
Tel: (84.8)38 39 39 99 – Fax: (84.8)38 33 99 73

The rate was about 2,5 million VND to 2,7 million VND (around 125 USD)

At the end, I got another CS friend arranged me the car. I was totally fortunate to meet her. I can say I will be eternally grateful to meet her.

So…. how could I’m not in love with Saigon??

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  1. didta7 says:

    great, now i know much

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