Suddenly Bangkok part #1


Yesss….. the english-traveling-writer-to be is back!! Hahahha!

Well, actually i’m not sure about being a traveler writer, it sounds amazing though! But i’m totally not sure about my writing ability, plus….. i’m a lazy-lazy-lazy person! I can not imagine that i have to take a note for everything i saw while i’m traveling. Of course i can’t rely on my picky-abnormal-brain, that would happily record anything in random style. And random is sooooo not journalism things!

Happily, random is so….. blog. OK, i knew lots of people convert their blogs into something organized, so it would be easier to attract search engine, and at the end… it would attract  money to come! Anyway, i’m still random, and so with this blog, we both happy random people in the net universe! Sorry, i always feels that this blog is human!

Ok, enough for this un necessary opening!

Yesss!! I’m traveling to Bangkok on 23-27 November!! It is a short trip that i never planned before.  It was started on  a random day on October, a regular costumer text me on my cell, telling me that she have round trip Jakarta-Bangkok ticket. And…. she was about to gave it to me for free!! Free, everyone, free!! Nothing attract us so hardly, than a word called “FREE”! hahahaha!! I could hardly refuse it! The fact is :

The ticket valid for November only, which is only a few days more

I have no plan!

It was not a holiday! But who cares? I’m a freelance anyway!

The worst was…… i have no budget for this!

I got in to a serious dilemma….. Oh com on, I even have not finished my  posting about Vietnam and Cambodia yet!! I have spent quite a lot of money there. The flight ticket was free, but that’s all! The other things still need money! I never been to Thailand, should i explain that i really want to go to Thailand?? Anyway…. i took the chance, and i jumped into “Suddenly Bangkok episode”!  And the dilemma wasn’t offer yet…… A few days later, Bangkok got reported seriously flooding! It was serious, i saw it in the TV and net.  So…. will this trip continue? I really wanted to book a bed in Lubd dormitory in Bangkok, but i wasn’t sure if i really be there. I was un sure about spending time browsing interesting places in Bangkok, which would be soooo much FUN, compared to my job!! I couldn’t buy Thai Bath, I couldn’t book my flight from surabaya to Jakarta, cos i was afraid this suddenly Bangkok episode will canceled.  It was really confusing.

My friends kept on asking me, will i continue my trip??

Finally i got the ticket on my hand about a week before my departure date! So, suddenly Bangkok continued!

My little adventure started on the plane. I was always in the low cost carrier,  so it was the first time in my life, i got a seat with an LDC attached on front of me! Call me countrified, i won’t deny it! The facts was, i had to secretly observed the man sat next to me, how and where to find headset! So…indeed, i’m countrified! Hahahaha!!

The next surprise was the food! They served the food in the tray!! Oh yeah….the countrified girl back again! It was a bread and butter there, salad with thousand island dressing, pudding, while the main course was chicken and potatoes. And….. instead of glassed water that i hate a lot, i got some option for fruit juice!! The taste of the meal was so so…… but the packaging was great! Oh com on!! the best i ever had so far was standard bread with glassed water, in a cartoon box!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. bybyq says:

    because your english blog means the travelling entries… and it means beautiful pictures and curious stories about things I never knew. That’s why I am waiting for it….

    1. soethearts says:

      ooooo….. i see 😀 But I bet u already in a good plane with LCD on front of u, right?!? And…. did u acted like countrified girl 😉

  2. Jost says:

    Great travel report Soe! Love your first encounter with modern aircraft economy class food and technological gadgets. Not sure about your choice of audio though…Enigma, hmm. Oh…in Germany we also have bread and water, but some people actually call it beer! 😉

    1. soethearts says:

      u’re sooooo detail! Oh yeah…Enigma is good, i’m an electro girl too 😉
      bread+water= beer! that’s funny!

  3. soethearts says:

    @Byq. Yeahhhh… at lest for the next 2-3 posting will b in english. Why d u like it in english?? It is difficult, Byq 🙂

    @Bedjo. Now, u won’t get anything in surabaya-jakarta flight! well, at lest i didn’t get anything from citilink a few days ago.
    Once i got a jelly cup sized- water on the surabaya-bali flight!! It was cute yet sad 🙂 hahaha!!

  4. bybyq says:

    It’s Soe back on the blog…. I am so much interested in that too… come on Soe.. I am waiting for your english blog again 😀

  5. Bedjo says:

    the best i ever had so far was standard bread with glassed water, in a cartoon box!

    Oh yes! I also got something called bread and water in the box, on the flight from Jakarta – Surabaya, and I have taking that water in plastic cups.

    It has reminded me of the long journey by (called) luxury bus from Denpasar to Surabaya few years ago.

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