Suddenly Bangkok part #2

I really love food, and i’m willing to try foods everywhere. Ok, i’m not gonna try foods that will affect me psychologically, such as dog meat, cat meat, turtle, monkey meat/brain, and sooooooo on!  So… here i am, in Thailand! The place that well known for the HOT food and sour too!

So, i was thinking, how could i survived for 5 days in Bangkok, with those foods? I don’t eat hot, cos chilly will gave me vitamin D instead of C, u know….D for Diarrhea!  And i don’t like sour, cot i hurts my tongue, and somewhere inside my mouth! It is well known that Thai food are the resemble of  two most dangerous flavor in my universe! I feel totally stupid to traveling with indomie and beef floss  in my backpack!! And the worse was…. i forgot to bring norit and Imodium, just in case i got a digesting problem. That’s the risk of doing rush packing……

Anyway….. it was not that bad! Once i arrived at Bangkok, anything was just FINE!! I arrived to the city center by the cheap-easy-hassle free-no traffic jam-airport link.  It is a monorail from the city goes to the airport. It is really convenient! The sky train map is easily found in the net, and u can have the good hard copy at the airport.  And… it is only 45bath, the regular one that will stop at some station! There is also the express one,   and 80 Bath, goes from airport straight to Phaya Thai.  It looks like heaven and hell, compare to the transport at Juanda airport, Surabaya! Anyway…. i’m no angel anyway, so may be i deserve that hell transportation in Juanda airport!! Honestly, i feel OK with the modern-tiny yet convenient airport named Juanda, but the transport really kills!! Compare to Soetta/Cengkareng Airport, i prefer  Juanda! Juanda is well organized, and user friendly. Meanwhile, Soetta is so…. complicated!!

Suvarnabhumi (soo wa na phoom) is damn big and modern! It is definitely user friendly! The sign is clear, the zoning make it even easier! The ultra modern architecture oozed its unique beauty! One thing i don’t like about Suvarnabhumi is…… it is almost no signature of Thailand there. Well, that Thai character on the sign board are not count as signature, please!!!   

steel meet glass = beautiful!!
Oh yeah, i was in the same plane with Thailand's contingent for SEAGAMES. It was fun to see how they celebrate it!!

Anyway…. i was really impressed by the first food i found in Bangkok! It was a food stall standing side by side with many clothes and fashion things stalls. All the food arranged nicely on the table, on open air, right under the bright evening Bangkok sky! I was about to point at anything there! They looks yummy! Some of the food was fried/bake on the spot, filling the sky with it delicious smells.

image borrowed from
This is hell delicious!!!! Finally, i found decious siobak, just like Adam-Surabaya have!! Yess... It was in food stall in Bangkok, near Siam square! This meal cos 30 Bath

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  1. bybyq says:

    suddenly rajin…!!

    I really want to travel like you. But probably later if I got a job… so I won’t spend my parents’ money for my hobby :p

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