Suddenly Bangkok part #3 (Couchsurfing things)

Oh yeaaahh… since there was a lot of confusing situation, i postponed my booking on Lubd. The result was….. 1 week before my departure date, i found Lubd full booked already! GREAT!! Even flooding won’t stop traveler to come to Bangkok!! It was both bad and good news. The bad is, i have no place to stay, while the good is, it means Bangkok was getting better. Ok, i’m a positive person, but i need to find a place to stay within 1 week! It would be easy to book a hotel, not that expensive though. But i was in thigh budget *no more explanation, u poor girl!!* My other option was staying in couch, using CS community.

It would have been the first couchsurf!




It was hard enough to find a couch in Bangkok! I knew i can’t blame anyone here…. I just….have less money and time is ticking! I have sent 20 request, just to find 5 un answered, and 15 rejected!  Finally, a Thai girl rescued me, 2 days before my due date. Fiuuuhhhh!!

Nok, that’s my host name, she lives quite outside of BKK, the city named Nakhon Phatom. It is around 45 minutes to get there from BKK. But….the main road was flooded in some part, so… it takes around 2 hours instead of 45 min.  It is easy to get to BKK, there was frequent vans leaving Nakhon Phatom to BKK , it cost 60 Bath. So, 120 bath back and forth. Not so bad! Anyway…. a room in BKK cost more than 120 bath a night, right? And this one is couchsurf, means i will get a new friend, and hopefully a great experience. At the end…. i get 2 friends, cos Nok was hosting a Japanese girl, when i was there. And it was really great!

I was arrive at BKK on Wednesday afternoon. It was the weekly CS-gathering day. I have made an appointment to meet my host at Rajtchatdewi train station, and go to the meeting together. It is amazing that BKK have weekly gathering, while the gathering we have in Surabaya is…….. about once a month?? I was thinking, what if we have weekly gathering in Surabaya? I think, in the third week, there will be no one showed up! We’ll get bored really soon, since we will meet almost the same person in every gathering!

The gathering was in a cafe, close to the Rajtchatdewi train station. It was really crowded, mostly are caucasian, and the rest are Thai people. There was a billiard table on one corner, and people in every corner! I was thinking “OK, the gathering is in the cafe, it is similar with Surabaya…  So, where’s the CS table?” The answer is….. The whole crowd in the cafe was CS er! WTF?? It was really crowded, people are talking around, and they all CS er, or to be more specific traveler! It is totally opposite with Surabaya! Our gathering usually in 1 long table, so we usually end up talking with someone sat next to us. At this point i realized how touristic Bangkok is! And…. how calm is Surabaya. CS gathering in Surabaya would be 80/90% locals, with 1-2 travelers. Usually the host will make gathering, so the other member have the opportunity to learn something from the travelers, eventhough they were not hosting. While, CS gathering in BKK would be 80% travelers and 20% locals! Not all of the travelers in the gathering were couchsurfing, some of them stayed at the hostel, and join the gathering to meet the other member. I remember one of our gathering in Surabaya was attended by 4 persons only, and all girls! So,  we ended up talking about gossip and some girls things, instead of traveling things! 

Party in Bangkok!!! No... it is CS weekly Gathering 🙂

Nok (my host) is a thai girl. She still studying pharmacy at a prestigious University at Nakhon Pathom.  Her family life in the other city. She lives at an student apartment, really close to the University. The room was spacious enough, still plenty of space with the three of us inside. Compare to those tiny winy “kamar kost” in Surabaya, this one in Nok’s has is heaven!

The area is  a pleasant place to life and study. Not too crowded, quite modern, and u have almost anything there. There was some convenient store around, places to eat tasty Thai food, tasty cakes,  internet, multilayer game, bookstore,  ect all in student range price!! It was also some cafes with live band performance, all in students style. This area is sooooo student! I love it! Every night before i fell asleep, i heard the noise from the cafes around the apartment….i don’t know why, but somehow it feels good in my heart. May be, because it is remind me of my own home, i always living in University area.

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