Suddenly Bangkok part #5

I hit Siam area on the first day i arrived at BKK. Why? Cos it was the easiest one! Simply take airportlink to Phaya Thai, continue with another monorail to Siam station.  The map of skytrain and BKK are provided in the airport, near the airport link’s gate. Really convenient! Honestly, i was quite amazed by the Thai tourism board.

Siam area is only mall and mall. Lot’s of mall in the same area. It is remind me a lot of Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.  For the luxury things, go to Siam Paragon Shopping Centre, MBK Shopping Center for the friendly price, Siam Discoveryfor the unique urbanites design, and sooooo on! I have walked here and there, got in here got out there, and got dizzied! My opinion about Thai design is : quite strike out! Still far away from strike-u-in-the-eyes kind of Japan, but quite unique, and dare to be unique! I saw many mini-white-wedding-dress on the display! It gave me impression that brides in Thai or at least BKK are quite liberal.

One fine evening at Siam area : Traffic jam, mall and Muaythai

The next thing i visit in BKK is Damnoen Saduak floating marketI get there by van, from BKK. I bought the ticket in Victory monument area.

Actually, there are some floating market around BKK. With a little help of James Bond’s Man with the Golden Gun, Damnoen Saduak become the most popular one.  Some people consider Damnoen Saduak as tourist trap. While, for me,  it is a good experience, i love it!! Something was really attracted me, it was food seller! They sell food on boat! Yes!! They bring stove and gas tube on the their small boat! Amazing! I didn’t buy anything there, all souvenirs are overpriced!

Well…. i love Damnoen Saduak, but i won’t repeat it! May be i will visit floating market again, but definitely not Damnoen Saduak.  I think, a traditional market will not sell souvenir as much as Damnoen Saduak floating market! It is too touristic!!

Damnoen Saduak Floating market : Beautifully colorful crowded cannal!!

Lots of people come to BKK for shopping! I come to BKK for temples! I always fascinated by its colors, everytime i saw the pictures. So…. the first temple i visit was Wat Pra Kaew, in the Royal Palace complex. It is in front of Snam Luang Park. I get there by bus from nowhere i don’t know, hahahha!! This place is just amazing! The colors, the details, the architecture….. anything, including the people! I mean, too many people there! I was wondering, how it could be without the floods? Even with floods, still soooo many tourist here!

Royal palace also fascinating!! Some part of Royal palace  have europe architecture, even though Thai never been under colonized by the europe country. But Thai (Siam Kingdom) had a good relation with the europe countries, when they invaded the surrounding countries. Anyway….. it is remind me a lot of Anna and the King movie.  Besides of the story that probably full of lie and drama, Anna and the King movie have a beautiful setting!

Actually i really want to visit Ayutthaya, it seems not too far from BKK. It is listed on UNESCO heritage, and well known as the Angkor wat of Thai. But….. it was flooded there!! Arrgh!!

Royal Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, when Budha and gold colide. Note: please wear sleeves top and knee length bottom!!

Leaving Royal palace, i walked bit to the next site, Wat Pho. It was really hot and humid, so i walked slowly under my umbrella, while enjoying the surrounding. Some buildings around the area have europe architecture, may be France style. Across the street, there is Snam Luang, a big green park, with some drinking water fountain. I have re fill my bottle  there!

Wat Pho is well known with its extra big Reclining Budha! Indeed, it is really-really big statue! Big and gold! Another interesting fact about Wat Pho is, it have many Chinese style statue! It is not usual at all!

Wat Pho, Budha is reclining here!!

After Wat Pho, i walked abit, trying to find Tha tien Pier. Nok told me, she have been there less than a week ago, and the pier was closed because of  the flood!! Noooo!! I wanted to go to Wat Arun, it is in the other side of the Chao Praya river. There are bridge of course, but i’m not sure i will walked through the bridge! Anyway… if the pier closed, i would go by taxi or tuk tuk, cos i really want to go tu Wat Arun.

When i was there, Tha Tien Pier was open! The water level was still high enough. The real pier was drowned already, so they make temporary pier above it. The traditional market on the pier was flooded around 30 cm! The sand bags was still anywhere in that area. Some store have blocked their entrance with temporary wall, around 100 cm high! Some part were still using 40 cm high sand bags pathways, while water still running under the pathways. 

So, i jumped to the boat,  and crossing to Wat Arun.  Wat Arun still blocked with sand bags! A big pump pumped out the water back to the river. I heard that Thai gov trying hard to keep the tourist spots and business district dry. I guess they have done it really well. But….. the BKK people who lived in outskirt of BKK didn’t like it!

Wat Arun (pronounce as wat alun) is not ‘blink blink” at all, unlike Wat Phra Kaew or Wat Pho. But still beautiful, details, yet exotic! We can climbed the pagoda, and enjoy the Chao Praya scenery. The stair was steep and high, needs a bit efforts to go up, but totally worth it.  I saw Wat Pho and Royal Palace across the river,  while boat floating slow on the water. It was awesome!

Wat Arun and Chao Praya river

I went back to the other side of the river with the boat, and walked through Snam Luang park, to Khaosan road. I have heard the name of Kaosan road since i was in elementary school!! It was Gola Gong who wrote about this area, and published it in Anita magazine. I have mention the street in my stupid short story when i was in Junior high. And i mentioned it again in another silly short story when i was in senior high.  So…..the name Kaosan road have been linger in my mind for loooong time! Finally! I visit the place!! Here i was…. in Khosan road! How was it feel? Amazing!

The street was damn full and busy. Khaosan road is quite narrow for a “road” it have anything all the traveler need. Souvenirs, clothes, street food, cafe, local beer, bars, travel agent, hostel, anything just named it!! I believe all nationality took part on that not so long road! So, i spent the evening with a cup of coffee in the outdoor cafe, lovely!!

Feels Lonely?? Hit Khaosan Road, then!!

I left the cafe and thinking about finding my way back to Victory monument. It was still 6 pm, still plenty of time before all the van from BKK to NP stop operating. I was still thinking, when i got to Snam Luang again. Suddenly i saw bus number 1 that will bring me to China town. So, i jumped into the bus. Just like what Gip told me, first the bus will go through little India, and continue to China town!

China town was awesome! No single word of Thai here, feels like i have out of BKK!! I was walking here and there, enjoying the scene. The street was so alive! Full of open stores, food stalls spread a long the street, people chatting here and there. I love this place!! I was enjoying wandering around the area untill i realize that….. i don’t know how to get to Victory monument!! Yes, i got lost in China town!  Hahahaha!!

Image is borrowed, cos i run out my battery

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  1. denti says:

    aku belum baca yg ini ato cuma baca sekilas..salut sama kamu soe..I wish I could be like you, so brave and opportunist..hahaha..mksdnya kalo ada kesempatan ya dimanfaatin sebaek-baeknya. What a life you have, so interesting, salut!!! 🙂

    1. soethearts says:

      Lhoooo…. opportunist itu wajib! Asal ngga merugikan orang lain 🙂
      Hey, ur life also interesting! Masalah nya kamu ngga cerita2 aja (ngga kayak aku yg embeeer d blog), jadi aku ngga tahu!

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