Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Stay Over in China

Yeahhhhh!! after 1 year waiting, finally! We traveled to Hongkong and Macau, with stay over in China.  Why 1 year? Because, AirAsia made it like that! For the cheap flight hunter, u must understand this situation. But it was damn cheap though. I got my return ticket Surabaya-Kuala Lumpur- Shenzhen, 2 million rupiah. It should be 1.7 million, but my sister made a wrong booking, so we had to re-book the ticket. Promo ticket can not re-scheduled!

Why Shenzhen? 1# Because, it is really close to Hongkong, only 1-2 hours by bus or MTR. 2# Because i was late to book the flight to Hongkong, it was full!

Actually, as Indonesian passport holder, i don’t need to pay for the visa for HK and Macau. But….. since i have to go to Shenzhen, i have to pay visa, and it was around 700.000 rupiah double entry! Sucks! I think it would be waste of money if  I didn’t explore China a bit, while i had to pay for the visa. My sister thinks that it would be great to visit Guangzhou once again. We have relatives there, and she have been living in Guangzhou previous years back.  Macau to Guangzhou would be 2 hours by bus. Convenient enough. People said that Guangzhou is the place to eat, quite promising! I love to eat. Ok, let’s go to Guangzhou!

Suddenly, my mom have a great great idea, she asked us to visit our ancestor village!! Yeah! What a great idea! Literary i have almost lost all my connection to China.  Even though i know my grand father came from China,  I don’t feel like Chinese, and i’m not speaking the language. I don’t know anyone from there, we are literary lost contact with our relatives there!  But….. my mom happiness somehow become really important, especially now. So…. we decided to go to Mei Yun, a village in Anxi district, Xiamen city.  How far is it from my original travel itinerary?  It was quite far…… as far as 11 hours by bus from Guangzhou! So, we squeezed  Anxi and Mei Yun in out itinerary. Great!

So… the HK-Macau with stay over in China begun!

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