Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Homeless in Hongkong

When i was in Hongkong, i kept on asking myself…… does this big city have no homeless?? No beggar?

Seriously, i barely found them. Yes, I finally found 1 in one traffic light. Not a homeless, beggar.

I could imagine, if this underground train system installed in Surabaya, it would instantly attract homeless. There is one underground pass in Jakarta. Really short actually. On front of stasiun Kota. The entrance is sophisticated glass and thrust construction, impressive. But it looked really shabby. That place was never been cleaned, not even one single inch of it. And full of homeless of course…..

So…. back to Hongkong. I was really sure that no big cities would totally free of homeless! So, how do the HK government hide their homeless?? Still a big question….

I was also “nearly homeless” In HK! I din’t book a room in HK. I was quite optimist that i would find a hostel/ guest house in HK. Com’on, it is an ultra modern city, packed with travelers, there’s must be plenty of hostels!

And i’m WRONG!

From hostelworld, i got some name and address. Mostly the address was in Causeway bay. So, once i hit HK, i took Metro down to Causeway Bay. I went straight to one address i noted, in Hennessy road. Actually, i was quite naive or…. stupid…. or whatever u name it…. This trip was my 4th experience traveling abroad, and I felt sooooo confident, like i’m a world-traveler! Oh yeah!! And i found myself shocked to see the hostel business in HK.  Confident traveler? Huh??

After visiting 3 addresses, and all them are full, i started to realized…. this could not be easy! The hostel owner was not helpful at all. “No room” that’s all…. nothing more! I was hoping that they have suggestion where to go. I was so naive…. yes I WAS! Finding an internet cafe also really difficult! Wi fi was quite easy, but…. without proper gadget, that would be useless, though. I was quite lucky, one of my sister bring her tab.  So, i use her tab to find some more address in hostelworld. Finally….. after 2 more address, we found 1 room for 3, for1 night only!

Hostel/ GH actually located in a big apartment blocks. Well, basically, no one living on their own piece of land in Causeway bay area! Everyone’s living in the stacked box named flat. The floor ground could be a busy store, banks, market, something commercial, or…. a simple little door with or without security codes. Once we get there, all we need to do is go to the lift, and find the floor. Once the lift door open, usually there is sign of the hostel. There is the “front office”, the rented room itself, is in another side of the flat, could be in another floor! Some door using security code, so we have to make a “call”. Usually there would be a phone call, or just a microphone next to the door. Hit the number of the floor, followed with the flat number, and wait for the voice of the flat owner. For the one who have been living with flat system, it would be piece of cake. But, for a stupid traveler like me, it is a big things!!! Hahhaha!

Literary i spent the first day in HK to find a place to stay, or i’ll be a homeless for 2 days! At night, i searched once more for a room, coz the one i got only available for 1 night only. I should have booked room from Surabaya!! I’ve learn my lesson!

these are hostel i stayed in causeway bay, HK :

-Cung Kiu Inn, Flat P, 15 F, Hongkong Mansion, 1st Yee Wo St. Causewaybay

-Alisan GH, 5/F unit A, 23 Cannon St. Causewaybay

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