Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Cirque du Soleil

People goes to HK to visit Disneyland….

I went to HK to watch Cirque du Soleil!

This one unfortunate and fortunate  event i had at the same time, on my latest trip.

Unfortunate because….. after having a regular show in Macau for years, finally Cirque du Soleil decided to leave Macau 1 month before my scheduled trip!!!

But…. Fortunate, because they have show for 10 days in HK!!

So…..instead of spending 399 HKD, for 1 solid day in Disneyland, i spend 388 HKD ++ for 2 hours in Cirque du Soleil show! Don’t forget, the show was in Asia World Expo, which is far far away in lantau Island! It is even further than the HK airport! The train to Asia World/Airport is 100 HKD one way! But, if we’re back in the same day, we don’t need to pay for the return ticket. The cheapest way to go to Asia world is by bus, 52 HKD round trip.

So…..  Is it worth the money??


I always been love circus, and Cirque du Soleil is definitely more than a circus. It is a full package of entertainment! Beautiful live band, oh yeah…. forget that stupid drum roll effect! Cirque have a full set band, and great singer. Their music is more like film score and theme song!

The stage was great, the lighting were spectacular! They could change the stage for various performance beautifully! No stage worker running here and there pretend not to be seen. The performer prepare the stage them self, and they did that artisticly!

No animal included! Which is great, i love animal, but i like them on the wild, not playing balls in the circus.

Great costumes! Nothing is standard there. The acrobatic performance was great, no cheese acts i’ve been watching in any other circus show! The dance also great! The costume are well designed, all thematic! Gosh! i can describe thousand things i love about Cirque du Soleil! I simply fascinated!

all the pics above beside the ticket pictures, wasn’t mine. I got them from the net. Camera and cam cord are prohibited during the show

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  1. bybyq says:

    i’ve heard of it, and well… I am not a big fan of circus but if I had a chance I would go and see this. For the sake of seeing a great performance of a bunch of talented people…

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