Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Food Adventure

What so interesting in Macau? They’re architecture, and…… definitely FOOD!! The food in Macau is so unique. The have Portuguese food, Chinese food, and Macanese. Well, Chinese food it to abstract to mention.  China is a big place, and the food is quite different from the place to place. Ok, let’s generalized it,  something involving  noodle and pork, would highly suspected as Chinese food!

The first day in Macau, i had big chinese food dinner. It was great! I’m not always excited about Chinese food. Well, i might say i under estimate Chinese food. For me Chinese food taste almost the same everywhere, they don’t use many spices. Salt, paper, sesame oil, that’s all i guess. Meanwhile, Indo food use so many spices. It is not 100% my fault, i’m just use to that spices!

But… this one is different, this one is Szechuan food.  Szechuan cuisine is well known as strong taste and hot! And it was just like that! Too bad, i didn’t remember the name of the restaurant. It is near Leal Do Senado

I think it would be a big sin, if we visit Macau, without eating their famous egg tart / pastel de nata. I know one really famous, named Lord Stow’s. Lord Stow’s have many branch around Macau, including Venetian casino. But…. i spend 30 minutes crossing the bridge, to Coloane village, to buy the egg tart in its original store! It is inRua da Tassara, Coloane town.

How it is taste? The smell tells that it is damn good!  The pastry was slightly crispy, the filling is creamy, not too sweet, rich and heavy. I ate 3 pieces, and that was my lunch! Asked for sprinkles of cinnamon, for slightly different taste. The second big sin after missed the pastel de nata, is…. missed the pork chop! It is everywhere around the touristic streets. This is typical snack you buy and eat while walking around.

Pork chop is bun, with piece of pork meat in between. That’s all, no lettuce, no tomatoes, no mayo.  It looks like burger, but…. the bun was not that soft. It is more or less like french banquet,  a bit crispy out site, bit dry and chewy. The pork meat bit greasy and tender, i think it was pan fried, not grilled.

After a looooong exhausting walking day, i think gelato would be a great option for the evening chill! Seriously, Macau is about walking and walking. All interesting spots is in walking distance! No reason to not walking….

But…. after visiting 20 interesting spots, climbing churches stairs,  and literary hiking in steep road around the city….. You would found yourself limb, exhausting in the evening.

So…. let’s have 2 scoop of LemonCello gelato, and continue strolling around in souvenir shops. The store is near ruin of saint Paul.  The favorite flavor is lemon, of course…. but it don’t like it! It is too sour. Mocha flavour and vanilla was great. Strawberry also good!

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  1. bybyq says:

    Sumpah gue meleleh liat eggtart >_<

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