Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Underground labyrinth in HK

Life is a big book. If we never travel, we would only read one page!

I don’t really remember where did i read that word. And i’m too lazy to google it now. So… if u really wanna know, why don’t u google it by youself? hahaha!!

Anyway…. i think that words is 100% right! Or i may say 150% right? I’m the one who read, and i love to read. OK OK, i don’t like to buy books, but it doesn’t simply means i don’t like to read! I have read quite a lot about HK, but guess what? It is totally different to be there, experiencing myself, inhale the HK air myself, than read about it, while sniffing the smell of  paper.

Subway in HK would called MTR. I read about MTR in HK, but…. I never imagine that it would be a big labyrinth underground!  I was not as simple as getting into the station, and viola! there is the train! NO! Mostly the case is, i get into a stair in between building, with MTR sign on it, and….. there it is, tunnel full with human. They’re marching like their feet automatically know where to go, flowing like stream on the mountain!! Every subway station have more than 5 exit door. It would be A-A1-A2-A3 or B, C, D1-D2-D3…… and so on.  It is often, I just walk and walk along the tunnel, turned here and there,  when I got out on the ground again, I would end up somewhere, in between the skyscrapers, I have no idea where is it.

Not to mention the stairs inside the stations. In the junction station, things getting more and more difficult! Because, the train usually not in the same platform. So, to find the next train, i have to find its platform first.  It is always  involved stairs, and not to mention, hundreds of people! Usually, people jumping out off the train, running trough the stairs to catch the next train. They don’t want to wait for another 10-15 minutes for the next train!

The good thing is…. the sign inside the tunnel always clear, so i never totally lost down there. For the one who lazy to learn, lazy to read maps…. i think they better avoid this system! I heard, the subway sistem in Japan is aloooooot complicated than HK subway!!

Walking underground is fun….. no rain, no traffic, no polluted air, no sun, but…. no view! That’s what i found later, after using the system for quite a while.  There is a lot of small stores in the subway. They pretty serve almost anything, small things for daily life, but still…. no show windows  for branded things down there!! I found cheap fast food down there, somewhere in causeway bay area. Nice portion of rice and beef, a lot cheaper than similar things on the ground.


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  1. zc says:

    O’ yes, HK is a nice city.

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