Hongkong-Macau and a bit more : Octopus trap!

What is so fantastic about a card? It is octopus card i’m talking about! A fantastic card that connect the whole transport system all over HK! MTR, bus, tram, small bus, taxis, ferry, u named it! For the whole area of HK!

In the old walled village, Fan ling,

In the tram to The peak,

the ferry to Chung Chau island,

even in the edge of plover cove,

these tentacles would tackle ur transport payment.

What a convenient system!

octopus 1

Once u get to HK, u can purchase the card in the booth at MTR station, and add some HKD inside. And boom! U become part of Hongkong ers! Marching down to the subs – passing the gate half running – touch the sensor gate with ur card, just like a real HK! Buying Single Journey Ticket pass in the vending machine is soooooo not cewl! hahaha!   Anyway, since i was more than 2 days in HK, octopus card become the most convenient choice. I would use it often anyway, so it would save me from getting more and more confuse with the HKD bank notes. I remember my trip in Bangkok, everytime i need transport, i have to stand for a good couple of minutes, trying to figure out the price, and the bank notes i have. I’m not good in number, i knew it!

After some MTR rides, i realized, octopus card have many form! It could be small card, key chain, cute design, tourist edition, even watch!! I wish i have seen this website, before i headed HK, so i would not amazed by kids, who have their watch scanned on the MTR gate. Well, This octopus has many tentacles, and long ones! Some stores in the subs also except octopus card as payment!

OK, i have wrote so many good things about octopus card, I should have made them pay me for this great post! Hahaha! There is nothing flawless….. In every positive, there is negative, that’s life….. So, what is so bad about Octopus card?  It is soooo convenient,  it is hypnotized u with their advantage, until u realized, u have spent 100 HKD within 2 days!!!!