4# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : I’ve Been Brainwashed

Just let our mind free from tour and travel advertising brain wash! Leaflet and brochure are just a piece of paper, it is not a reality.  Blogs are just people’s crap, go travel, and made your own opinion! Hahahhaha!

I’ve been reading quite a lot, i thought i’m quite well informed. I thought….. Till, one day, i set my foot in Strasbourg-France.  And i realized, i’ve been brainwashed for the whole of my life! That is so….. un cool! Hahaha!

I always believe that cheese is Dutch things.

Cheese culture is belongs to Dutch.

If u want the best cheese, u have to go to Dutch.

Volendam city would be the place to embrace the cheese culture.

So…. apparently, it is not 100% right. OK, Dutch have good cheese, and they eat cheese a lot. Anyway, almost all europe people eat cheese a lot though. But, French, they have unique cheese culture!

Beside their famous wine culture, Frenchman also have a big cheese culture. It is more chic and classy, in my opinion. France people enjoy eating cheese and sipping white wine.  They have so many type of cheese, that would make me feel really “lost”.  Well, I grew up with cheddar, a bit of mozzarella, and sprinkle of Parmesan only! I never knew that some cheese have to be eaten with a bite of bread. Some of them could be eaten by them selves. Some with kind of cracker. Some with fresh grapes….. Some cheese served by age, they’re young, medium and old. Some have live bacteria! Some have truffle mushroom in it. Some of them from the mountain, some from low land, and blah blah blah…… Yeah, sound really  interesting! And i’m drooling already!

EU 1EU 2

I went to cheese bar in Strasbourg. I never knew such place like this. This bar serve various type of France cheese. This place is heaven for cheese lover like me. But, hell for non-french speaker…… like me. Eventhough it situated in tourist area, it is not tourist friendly. The menu is in French, the waiters have no interest in speaking other language than French. I was lucky, i went there with my Couch Surfing host, Josh, and his-addicted to cheese girl friend- Anne. Josh pick a menu that serve 6 kind of cheese, each 150 gr. He also made the selection of those 6 cheese from the cheese room. It was great, coz i would definitely lost in that freezing room!

So, what was Anne said about cheddar cheese? “They’re not cheese, they’re plastic! Hahaha!”