5# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : Tropical Bird Goes North!

When i prepared this euro trip, i bought so… many things! I can’t believe i have almost nothing proper in my wardrobe, so i have to blown my traveling budget by buying new clothes and things!

I bought trekking shoe, which i should have bought it long time ago. But, i was too proud of my thong slipper, so, instead of buying proper trekking shoe, i was wearing thong slippers while hiking. Now i have no choice, traveling to Europe in October with thong slippers would be the most stupid idea in earth!

I bought 3 pairs of warm legging.

I bought 2 long sleeves warm shirt

I bought 3 tops

I bought 1 light jumper

I bought 3 pairs of wool shocks

Thank’s God, i don’t need to buy jacket! Otherwise, i would totally double blew my budget!! I have one already. I bought it in secondhand market long time ago, cos i need it for hiking. It is not fancy, but warm enough. Later i realize that it is not waterproof, which make it a bit uncomfortable in the wet autumn. And, i was lucky, Mr.BB, the one who wrote invitation letter for my visa application, lent me a good Jack wolfskin jacket while i was in Germany.

After i’m home from the trip, a friend of mine told me about her plan to go to New Zealand on July 2014. She said, NZ would be really cold during that time. She asked me where to buy winter jacket. She have done her own research, but apparently, she didn’t believe her own research….. Cos, these jacket is…. ehem….quite expensive. More than 1 million rupiah each! I’m not surprised at all…. But my friend did!!

The funny thing is, she asked about this jacket to me, instead of asking her friends who would traveling with her to NZ, why? I guess….. she believe that i have cheaper option, or….. she was sure that i would not buy that expensive jacket.  It seems that I have “cheap looks”!! Hahahhahaha!!

For a tropical bird who have been living in the equator for the whole of her life, traveling to the north in autumn would be hard……in budget wise. But, in the other side, it is somehow would be cheaper, cos it is low season. Hostel become cheaper, flight ticket also cheaper. While summer is high season, and everything would be more expensive. So…. why did i go in autumn?

First of all, Mr.BB told me that autumn is really different. The leaves change in to interesting colors. Sometimes yellow, sometimes orange, or even red. There is nothing like that in my so called tropical paradise. Meanwhile, spring and summer would be green, just the same with Indonesia. OK, that’s sounds good. I would not go in the winter, even though i am really want to touch the snow, at least not this year. I have no budget! I definitely need winter jacket, and better equipment for that. So…..autumn sounds perfect for me! The facts is…… not all autumn would be a golden autumn, where there is still lots of sun, and all trees changes color almost all together. There are also autumn with lots of rain, grey sky, and some trees changes color quite late.  And i got the last type of autumn…. hahahahha.

EU 3

But, that’s OK. I still enjoy it very much. I saw some wonderful colored trees, mostly they’re maple. I saw falling leaves. I still got some bright beautiful sun.  I saw many things i’ve never seen live before. I learn lots of new things. I remember the first time i stepped out from the plane in Amsterdam. It was 2 am in the morning. The cold autumn air slip through the gap between plane door and the tunnel. It stung my skin quite hard,  welcoming this little tropical bird to the north area! hahahah!!

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