6# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : It Was Damn Cold!! U Know!!


Besides those apparels i bought, i also bought a brand new sketch book, and Sakura traveling brush. I had bought Cotman traveling pallet a few months before. It’s been a kind of “dream” for me, to do sketch outdoor in Europe….. hahahaha!!

When my sister saw those new drawings tools, she could not hide her giggle. I think she meant it to show her opinion! I knew what was in her mind!! She  was sure i would not draw anything during my trip!!! How mean! I meant, seriously, she is mean, right! Right?? Hellow….. deep inside my heart, honestly, i’m kind of agree with her…. hahahaha!!

And, what was the result??

The result is…….. Com’on! It was damn cold outside! How can i put my sketch book out from my bag?? I can’t even put my hands out of my pocket!! But, remembering her giggle, i forced myself to draw something, though…… Here it is! The autumn leaves at Le parc de l’Orangerie, Strasbourg!! Well, it looks simple, but please…. believe me, my hand was damn cold, it started to shake, while i repacked all my drawing stuffs…..


Here is another drawing from Paris. I made the sketch in Zig Zag cafe, Paris, while waiting for my CS host. I colored it recently, at home…..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. denti says:

    Sukakkkk sama gambarnyaaaa, dasar seniman loe!

    1. soethearts says:

      makasiiih 🙂 tersapu-sapu

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