9# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : Dorm Talks

The most interesting part of staying in hostel is : having a good dorm talks

I’m really proud to be a heavy sleeper. Usually, it took less than 10 minutes for me to transform from human into a log. Once i sleep, usually i hardly awake, unless i have a real purpose to wake. I mean, REAL, such as flight schedule, deadlines, or job appointment. Well, to be honest, deadlines some times could not wake me up. So, when it comes to really important occasion, i’d prefer stay up all night, and not laying down at all.

The good point of being a heavy sleeper is, i can stay in dorm for 12 people without any difficulties!

I don’t mind people on and off the room, making noises with their bags, walking around, snoring, or even chatting! Well, of course in certain level of noise….. Com on, respect the other. Oh yeah, i could also back to sleep easily if i want to. It is a common case, traveler leaving a dorm room really early in the morning, so they need to do preparation while the other still in REM. Or, they came really late, while the other already sleep.I think snoring is a difficult case. So far i haven’t got a snoring as hell room mate in dorm, but i did meet a snoring funny room mate in Florence. He is US young guy, he was snoring in a weird way, not loud, but funny! It woke me up! Hahahaha!! I don’t know if i’m snoring myself, i haven’t had the opportunity to research about it. But so far, none of my room mate complain about it.

After the “almost homeless experience” in HK, i decided to book my bed in advance. I use Hostelworld and HostelBookers. I think those website are relliable. I have no problem at all during my trip. I use Agoda once to booked a hotel in Samarinda. And it was turned out nasty! The description was not right, and the hotel staff have no idea about booking online. I heard some experience from Agoda user, it is often that their online booking in Agoda was not recognized in the hotel! That’s really nasty!

What i love about staying in dorm is, having a dorm talks! Dorm talks is fun! It is often that people from different part of the world, suddenly involved in an interesting conversation. Some of the dorm have no common room, so, guest always hang out in their room, or outside the hostel.

From a dorm room in Rome, i got a “new” vocabulary, it is “sex friends”, and u can definetly talk about it with the France people! Well, sex friend is NOT a real new term, but….. talking about it with someone you have just met in a few minutes is! It was started from a NZ guy-born Persian-UK educated. He have been in Rome for 1 days. I was in the middle of asking him a bit of advice about Rome, since i came without a real itinerary, when the other 3 guest came back to the room . They were a group of 1 guy, and 2 girls from  France, they speak poor English, of course. But, they’re really nice, they tried hard to talk with us. One of the girl speak English better than the rest, so, most of the time she speak for her friends.That Persian guy was talkative as well,  he was willing to talk to them. We all struggled to have the conversation run, but we enjoyed it at the same time. They gave me good suggestion about Rome, since they have been in the town earlier. We were joking around also. Most of the time the joke came from our “language-barrier”, hahaha!

At one point, after joking about BF and relationship, the persian guy asked to one of the France girl, how many sex friend she has. I was quite surprised, the Persian guy quick explained me that we can asked that question  to the France only, not even to the Italian. The girl answered, pointed at her male friend, explained that he got 25…… I was shocked, i was automatically replied, “huh?!!”  She convinced me, that she was right about the number, and she continued that she is 26, and the other girl is 24. At that point, me and the Persian guy realized, it was another misunderstanding! They were thinking that the persian guy asking about their age…. hahahahha! Knowing the wrong part, the persian guy re-explain his question……. And we all laughed like crazy. In a few minutes later, we were joking about the 25 sex friend of that France guy.  He even think further about it, how to divide his 30 days in a month for his “imaginary” 25 sex friends.

My room mate in Florence also fun. The guy sleep on the lower bed of mine was Italian blood born in OZ. He knew Indonesia a lot, and he said that Indonesia is one of his favorite place.  He gave me suggestions about hostels in Venice, cos i would go to Venice, after Florence, and i haven’t booked my bed yet. He suggested me to stay  in Venice-Mestre, instead of in Venice-lagoon. It would be cheaper, and traveling back and forth from Mestre to St. Lucia is easy and cheap. I took his advice, besides, i would be in Venice on saturday, I was hardly found empty bed in the Venice lagoon.

Our dorm talk in Florence continued with a long night walk around the city, hang out in the plaza, and some beers. It was all started with a US guy who came quite late, a few hours after me. I was thinking that i would not go out that evening, i was a bit tired. That US guy was jet lagged, he just came from NYC. He felt full of energy, even though it was already late in Florance. After some massive fun conversation about our trips, he said that we should go out enjoy the night life of Florence. So, me, the canadian girl, OZ guy, and that NYC guy decided to have a little stroll around the city. Even though there was no shop open anymore, the plaza still quite crowded. Nightlife in Florence is not consider as dull at all.

Too bad, i haven’t had a good dorm talk in Venice-Mestre…… i even had no room mate there! What a lonely 2 nights!

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