12# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : Things I Learnt Along The Road

This Euro trip actually my first solo trip. I’m not a backpacker *like someone would ask me?? hahaha!!* Personally, for me “backpacker” are extinct, there are no more creature named “backpacker” in this traveling-world. Ok, i might exaggerate it, they’re still in this traveling-world, but they’re sooooo damn rare. I’m traveling with backpack, “coz that’s the only thing i have, i have no suitcase nor traveling bag. And….. to be honest, that backpack even not mine!! It is belongs to an old friend, i borrowed it, and never returned it….. *Shame on me!!!!* OK, back to the topic. Just because i’m using backpack,  it doesn’t mean i automatically baptized as backpacker, and i think i’m not interested in being one.

So….what am i? I’m traveling independently, i’m independent traveler.

Since I was traveling alone, and i’m not really good in making new friends, most of the time i ended up strolled down the city alley alone,….. busy talking to myself. This Euro trip had put me in constant stressful during the trip, but also, gave me plenty of time thinking and listening to myself. Oh yeah…. i’m being that proud “finding-changing-enlighting- myself kind of traveler”……hahaha! No i’m not! And i’m not gonna write a book!

I have quite clear itinerary,  i have almost all my train and flight booked, it made me “busy” thinking, what day is it? What time my train  leave? Which train? How to get to the airport? What time? That’s pretty exhausted. I changed city every 2-3 days, and it was quite something for me. Change city means learn the station again, learn the street, learn to navigate, learn to buy food, and blah blah blah. Fun, but exhausting and stressful. I made several mistake though, mostly with the train, hahahha!! I jumped out the train in the wrong station…. yes, i did that twice! The first was in Germany on the way to airport. The second was in Swiss, I was supposed to stop at Basel, but….. since i was… well… confuse or sleepy, whatever, i stopped at Olten.  I was almost wrong again in Venice! 3rd time would be a charm! Hahahha!! After all had passed, and i safely back home, that accident sounds funny now, i’m laughing at it, although it was stressful.

Sometimes, Tragedy + Time = Comedy

Some friends asked me, how can i travel for 30 days? the answer was 1# Don’t be an employee. No boss in Indo would let u away from your desk for 30 days, even if it un-paid leave! 2# Don’t be too attached to rice. Learn to survive with bread, instead! hahaha! 3# Save some money! U can not pay ur trip with those clothes and shoes collections of yours! And now, i about to revise  it. Cos i found that, the first thing ever should be “Be Positive”! At the beginning of the trip, i was having not a good start. My visa application was rejected, suddenly the EUR and USD exchange rate increase, finding a couch in europe was kind of pain in neck, and….. my friend in Germany have their mom sick. I think i lost some of my positive ness, i put the blame on the embassy people! They have stolen most of it! So, i left Indonesia with a big negative prejudice about the western europe people.

Once i got to the Schipoll-Amsterdam, the immigration officer asked me questions about my trip. Why was it so long? How would i got from point A to point B? Blah blah blah I was sooooo offended. Hey! I had applied for my schengen visa with tons of paper in ur go***mn embassy, should i do it now, again, in this f***ing airport immigration booth?? I was soooo not ready of his questions, i was thinking that he would not b asking anything, cos i have my visa NOT on arrival. But yeah, he asked. Finally, in between my-not ready- answer, he replied “OK, i believe u, though” and stamped. I replied “Yeah, U better be!!” I left the booth with tons of anger. Since then, till the next 10 days,  i brought along my anger and negative prejudice, which i regretted it. I should had left my anger in that immigration booth, it was kind of ruin my 10 days. I kept on remember his voice, it sounded like accusing me that i would be an illegal immigrant. Everytime i go, i felt like people looked at me, cos i’m asian, and i speak only english, i must be illegal immigrant wanabe. I felt constantly over proud that i’m asian traveler, and i’m too rich to be illegal immigrant, well…. un important attitude though. The fact is….. may be no one ever think of that, that’s all only in my head. May be, even that immigration officer *i forgot his voice now, thanks GOD!!* did not think of anything. He just doing his routine as an immigration officer in Schipoll.  Negative attitude have change a cute innocent butterfly into a nasty vulture in my head! So, how could one traveling to new places with that kind of attitude? All beauty would turn into nasty things……. That would be a big waste of money! Traveling just to found “uglyness”.

Well, at least it was only 10 days, though, so i still have the 20 happy traveling days.  Thanks God, for poking me sooner.

One could choose to let things go, and be happy, enjoying the rest,  or kept the bitterness and spoil the rest. So, i choose to be positive 🙂

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  1. ydenti says:

    Huaaaa pengennnn….though I won’t do that alone…no way ya cyin…bisa nangis meraung2 di pinggir jalan at least menggedor2 pintu embassy indonesia ato memohon2 minta dianter kemana2 sama pak polisi…oh mai got begitu lemahkah hambamu yg hina ini…wkwkwkwkwk….salut lah Soe dgn pikiranmu yg selalu jernih walo dlm kondisi terjepit, hore!

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