13# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : Lost in The Louvre

EU 16I was in Paris!!! Yeah! I was! Paris was one of the city i want to visit the most. I knew Paris since i was on elementary school. What would u think? A kid with big interest on drawing, whose have her mom working as a tailor, of course her mom would tell her alot about fashion designer and Paris.  So, there i was,  9 years old kid, dreaming about being a fashion designer in Paris. I don’t even remember if i was also thinking about being doctor, like the other “normal” kids. But I do remember, i want to be a fashion designer. Kind of fantastic, huh? hahaha! Later on, when i grown up, i found that my big interest on drawing was not enough to pursue a fashion design career…. So, my fashion designer dream was ended….. But, my dream about Paris was not, of course……

I didn’t prepare long “to do list”, but obviously i have Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Arc of Triumph on my head. All those places are really easy to reach, all u need was map, one day Metro Pass, and high spirit! I got my free map at the tourist information, in Gare Du Nord station. So…. convenient. From that tourist information, i had an insight about visiting Versailles, but i didn’t go. It is quite outside of Paris. I definitely need a day to visit that Palace. So, i would rather going around Paris, and save the Versailles and Catacomb for another time *Com’on….. I would be back to Europe again someday, for sure!!*

The fact was, i spent almost 1 massive day in the Louvre! I was lost in The Louvre, literary! I left my CS host quite early, around 7.30 am. People kept on remind me that it would be a long queue, if i’m late. So, i started it early, and yeah, it was no massive queue, besides, the ticketing booth was sooo many!

EU 17

I was not aware, this Museum is soooo big. I garbed one map, walked to one of the entrance, and fascinated! If you are easily fascinated by arts, you would definitely love Louvre.  Not just the collection, the room, the architecture of the museum also really interesting. I think most of people come to Louvre just to see Monalisa, and i think it is kind of shame. OK, Monalisa is fantastic, but, other than that painting, Louvre offers so many more. Antiques from Egypt, Persia, Roman empire, Damakus, Mediteran, so many! Their collection were hypnotized me, i  just walked and walked  from one room to another, from section to another, marked every section i have visited on my map, i just could not stop….. At one point, i could not find my way back to the main entrance!! Yeah, i was lost in The Louvre!


Too bad, i have no more time for the last section of the museum. It was Napoleon III apartment. But, i definitely would not skipped it, so…. i visited it in speed. I mean, I stop only for really-really interesting things,….. and it was difficult. I missed some crown covered by rare diamonds, and lots of beautiful furniture…… And i’m out of The Louvre at 4.30 pm!! I envy the Parisian. They could go in anytime for free, so they can visit the museum part by part, or even stayed there for a couple of hour, painting!  I was wondering, how that  “tour-bus people” managed to visit The Louvre? They would not stay for hours like me, i’m sure about it. They probably just marched together to some spot, such as Monalisa spot and Venus de Milo spot, and leave. Well, it sounds harsh for me. If i were joining a tour like that, i would probably crying on the exit door, refuse to go??  

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