14# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : It is Venice!! Permesso!! Permesso!!

Permesso!! Permesso!! That’s the only Italian language that stick into my mind, hahaha! It is easy, because it is similar with “permisi” in bahasa Indonesia, both the meaning and the application. Meaning wise, “permisi”  is similar with “permission” in English, but not the application. When we need some attention, mostly asking someone or people to step aside, we use “Permisi” in Bahasa Indonesia. While in English we use “excuse me”, not “permission”.  According to google translate,  Italian word for  “excuse me” is “mi scusi”. But….. During my time in Venetian, the boat man always yell “Permesso!!” instead of “mi scusi”.

So…. There are 2 things from Venetian that stick into my brain, 1# is the beautiful venetian city scene, 2# is Permesso!!Permesso!!”

I never really read about Veneto before i started my trip. To be honest, i don’t even know about Veneto region. All i know was Venice, a beautiful yet unique city in Italy. Later i learn that actually Venice is the capital city of Veneto, and…..  it is not always become part of Italy. Veneto was an independent maritime country, back in middle ages (5th to the 15th century). Once they become part of Austria, now part of Italy, but lately, they want to separate from Italy, become independent again. Well, no matter what, please do except Indonesian passport holder nicely, OK??!

Venice itself divided into 3 area, 1#Lagoon Area, 2#Lido and Pallestrina island, and 3# Mainland. The famous Venice was the Lagoon area. Lido was not so popular, while the mainland was not even recognized, even though it is bigger a lot than than lagoon area. Well, i’m exaggerating, of course 🙂 It is remind me of Indonesia, where people know Bali island, and have no idea about Indonesia, even though it is bigger alot compare to Bali island.

Just like what i have seen in every postcard, Venice lagoon is absolutely beautiful. Well, at least for architecture fetish like me, it is beautiful. Their architecture somehow looks like mix between Gothic arch with Byzantine style from Constantinople met Arab influence from Moorish Spain. Unique, detail, and beautiful! Meanwhile, Venice mainland is modern, industrial, not so interesting in architecture wise. And so with Lido. But…. Lido have their own charm, they have the sand and beach. None of the other island in venice have beach.


If you have been visiting Venetian Hotel in macau or Las Vegas, believe me, Venice is nothing like that hotel at all! Venice is a medieval town, it is even older than Majapahit Kingdom in Indonesia. Of course the buildings looks rustic, they’re old like a bunch of grandpa in a nursery house!! But of course, they have their own charm, they have been standing there trough centuries!! The gondolas in Venice are less shinny compare to the gondolas in The venetian hotel, of course, no need further explanation. The water in the canals are not crystal clear like the Caribbean beach, or like swimming pool in The Venetian Hotel,  it is muddy brown. All water around venice lagoon are muddy brown, Thanks God, no trash on the water.

Wandering around Venice lagoon is easy, but not so cheap. They have many water bus (vaporetto), and water taxi. Vaporetto  is more expensive compare to regular bus, around 7 EUR one ride. They have 12 hours ticket, really effective for island hopping. While gondola are more into tour, not transportation. I didn’t try gondola ride, it is really expensive to ride it alone, and i think, it is more interesting to make picture of them, than ride on one.


Water bus would stop in bus stop only. Well, no one ever mastering “walking on the water trick” yet, so, apparently, no one would stop the bus anywhere but on the bus stop. Most of the time, Vaporetto are full, mostly in short the routes. I guess almost all Venetian using vaporetto, i saw school kids, ladies with their grocery bag, man in suit, dogs, even grandma and grandpa. Honestly, it is difficult for elder people,  i guess. Walking in and out in a shaky boat….. I guess they use to it.  This bus have some seating area and standing area aswell. Everytime it stop in the bus stop, the boat man have to open and close the gate manually.

So, every time, he need to yell “Permesso!! Permesso!!” Cos the passenger blocked the gate.

No car in venice lagoon, but, Lido have cars. All you need was map, and money. I bought the map in the souvenir shop in train station. I don’t know if they have the free one. The map shows the bus stop and bus route. Really convenient. I was walking alot in the Venice biggest island. It is fun! Strolls around between medieval buildings, checking every bridge,  feels like walking around inside a giant maze, and i got lost countless time.


Vaporetto route

Actually, we can visit all part of Venice biggest island on foot. Well, a bit confusing, but still walk able. You can definitely walk from the St. Lucia train station to any tourist spot over the Venice main island. I use water bus because i want to visit Torcello island, Burano island and Murano island. Those island are quite far from the biggest island. I spent 1 massive days to visit those islands plus a bit of Lido, that’s why i bought 12 hours bus ticket.

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