# 5 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Daegwallyeong Farm

I don’t really remember how i ended up making decision to visit this sheep farm. It was definitely from the net, but….. what was the “key word”? Not “sheep farm”, for sure, i didn’t even have “sheep farm” inside my head, when i decided to visit Korea. So…..have no idea! I forgot!

It doesn’t matter though. The one that matter is, i visited it, and i’m happy!

The Daegwallyeong sheep farm is quite far from Seoul. It is more or less 2,5 hours by bus from Seoul. I took the bus from Dong Seoul bus terminal. Dong Seoul terminal is located on front of exit 4, Gangbyeon station. I took the bus to Hoengye-ri, stop at the Hoengye terminal, it cost 14.500 KRW. From this terminal to the farm, by taxi, it cost 8000-10.000KRW. Expensive!!! YES!! It is really short ride, about 15 mins. Walking is quite challenging, cos there are no pedestrian, it was highway, actually. Cars are speeding along the road.  

The bus from Hoengye-ri to Seoul is available till 8pm, so, enough time to sight seeing in the farm.

That’s why, 2 months before my departure to Korea, i posted my plan to visit Daegwallyeong in Couchsurfing forum, hoping to get travel buddy, so we can share the taxi. I got 3 promising reply. One of them canceled, leaving 2 Korean girls. At the end, one of those 2 girl were missing. She didn’t show up at Dong Seoul, as we agreed. That’s OK, i went there with 1 companion, and i’m still happy!

Once i arrived in the farm, i feel like going inside Korean romantic illustration! The green meadow stretched wide, under the blue sky, decorated with winding path. From the distance, hills layered in 50 shades of green. Wooden hut stand tall in the hill, wooden bench under the trees. Softly, i heard K-series kind of sound track…… Am i having hallucination, or what?? Or this meadow have hypnotized me? Actually……. there are some speaker around the farm, playing the music! Hahaha!! It was good though, it builds the mood nicely! Too bad, the sheep are still in the barn, they would off for grazing in May, which was 2 days after my planned trip. That’s OK though, i still really enjoy the scenery.

kor 7

The entrance fee was 3000KRW, including small basket of hay, to feed the cute sheep. Well, feeding the sheep is fun, when it is not a job, hahaha!

The best time to visit the farm is during summer, and winter, i guess? Do not visiting the farm on rainy days! It would be covered by thick fog, muddy, and….. what is the point of walking around the farm under the rain?

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