#2 Europe Chapter 2 : Eurail Pass Dilema


Three years ago, when i was visiting western Europe for the first time, i didn’t purchase Eurail Pass.

Why? Because, It is DAMN expensive! I was traveling for 30 days, the card valid for 30 days is 926 EUR! What the hell! That was more than half of the whole trip budget! It was 2/3 of my budget, actually. So, i didn’t buy it!

This time, i have more time to think about the Eurail pass. And, i have a friend who put high praise on this card. He said, it was damn useful, and it have cut his train budget to half!! That’s sound fantastic! By the way, here is his post about Eurail pass, just in case you want to know. It is in Bahasa Indonesia.

So, i was tempted to use this pass. With this pass,  you can take as many trains as you like between midnight and midnight that day, 1 train or 20 trains, 10 miles or 800 miles, you can stay on trains all day of you really want to!!  Though there may be seat reservations or small supplements to pay on certain trains. I won’t use the one valid for 30 days, of course! That’s still expensive to the hell, but i can use the one valid for 7 days within a month? It is 559 EUR. So, i can pick the date where i would travel a lot by train.

At the end…… i didn’t use it 🙂

Why? According to The man in seat 61,

……..You may have come to this page thinking that railpasses save money, but these days they often don’t.  It’s more accurate to think of them as the deluxe option offering affordable go-as-you-please flexibility, instead of cheaper pre-booked budget train fares that fix your plans in stone……..

So…… First of all, i’m no longer under 26, that’s pretty sad actually. I believe my spirit ages is no older than 21, but…. well, the Eurail pass count my physical ages, instead of my spirit 😀 I have to buy first class Eurail pass for this.

Second, I would traveling alone. So, i would not have that 15% discount.

Third, I have my itinerary engraved on the marble stone. I mean, it is fixed. I have only 30 days to travel, as said on my schengen visa. I have my promo no refundable flight home booked. I’m not rich yet, my budget is limited with capital “L”! So, why don’t make it fixed, then?  So, i can book all the train trip i need 2 months in advance. As soon as the visa granted, i can book my ticket.

Here is the comparison between booked in advance and go show.

eur 1

Forth, I don’t mind traveling by bus. Bus is a lot cheaper compare to train. Coming from Indonesia, where intercity buses are SUCK to the max, buses in europe looks like transport from heaven to me. It seats are comfortable, it have rather reliable  schedule, no kamikaze driver, big room for luggage, AC, and their stops are near downtown. Oh yeah, they would also stops at least once every hour. Ok, bus would took longer hour to travel compare to train, but i think it is still reasonably comfortable traveling hours.

eur 2

OK, now moment of truth! How much money actually i spent on the train tickets during my trip in 6 countries?  They are 212,5 EUR! So, yeah, apparently i made good choice to not using Eurail Pass. This sum still half cheaper than the cheapest Eurail Pass, which is around 400 EUR!




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