#3 Europe Chapter 2 : Bitter Sweet Amsterdam


Amsterdam was on the end of the road. I mean, it was the last city i visited in Europe, before i flew back to equator. After spending 30 days enjoying the trip, i was quite in mixed felling that day. Leaving Europe is pretty difficult, hahaha. At the same time, i realized how much money i have spent, and i running out of money, of course. The last thing, I can’t deny the urge of coming back to work.

Something annoying about The Netherlands transport system is, their ticket machine only excepts cards and coins! Cards means OV-card (Netherlands public transport card), and credit cards. They didn’t except bank notes. Meanwhile…….the ticket kiosk with human inside also pretty rare. They only exist in big stations! And they would not open for 24 hours for sure! There are times when the kiosk are empty, and it is often actually. Human labor in western europe are expensive, that’s why, machine would be a lot more effective, than putting human in charge.

So, there i was, in Lelylaan station/bus terminal Amsterdam, i need to take a train to Schiphol airport. The second i arrived there by tram, i could not even find the ticket machine! After asking to some people, i found the small hall, that was the train station main entrance.

The train ride cost 4 EUR, while my coins was not even 2 EUR! There was small office in the train station. I was confidently get inside, just to found that they could not help at all. It was GVB office. GVB only handle local transports, such as tram, and bus. While the one i needed was intercity train to Schiphol. The guy in the kiosk didn’t want to exchange my 20 EUR bank note with coins. What a nice! He suggested me to shop something on convenient store around the corner in order to get change. I went there, turned out that the convenient store not even have cashier in charge!! The costumer have to self scanned their groceries and pay with……… YES, credit card!

The next 5 min, i found myself “begging” to people on the machine to buy me ticket!

I hold my 20 EUR bank notes, explaining that i have no coins, and i need the ticket to Schiphol. One lady have no time for me. Another guy (was a tourist as well) have no change for my money.  Another guy not interested at all. And finally, a lady took me seriously. She have no change as well…… And she decided to just give me the ticket for free!! I was rejecting it, but she was insisted. She told me that she have lots of money to spent, i’m sure it was a joke…..

I’m so grateful meeting her, like….. i can not express how grateful i am!!  

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