#4 Europe Chapter 2 : Let’s Start It With Greece

eur-3img_20160802_073608Athens timg_20160802_063429o Mykonos. There are 2 ports in Athens, Piraeus and Rafina. And i picked Piraeus. The ferry ticket from Piraeus is a bit more the one from Rafina, But….. Piraeus is easy to reach from the Athens city. It was just 1 subway ride! I booked the ferry trough greeceferries.com though lots of people said it won’t be full, booking in advance was not necessary. On the port, i need to exchange the real ticket on Gate 7.

My first impression about the ferries was “Wow!! they are huge!!” Seriously, i’ve never seen ferry this big!  I mean…. i’m living in archipelago as well, but, how come our water transportation not developed well?

For your information, Piraeus port is so big and damn crowded. To move from gate one to another, they provide shuttle bus. But…. this bus often stuck on the traffic jam, the traffic inside the port was crazy! To avoid running while dragging the big luggage scene, you better show up early!

Mykonos to Santorini. This time i booked the ferry through paleologos , from Mykonos to Santorini. The real ticket need to be picked up in Dahlia Travel, on the main road, somewhere on front of old port.


Ferry in Mykonos would stop on the new port. Meanwhile, the Mykonos town is in old port. I guess there are 3 options to get to old port from the new one. 1# sea bus, the one i use, cost 2 EUR one ride. 2# Bus, and 3# walking. According to google map, it would be 30 min walking, around 2,7 km.img_20160802_124836

The Hellenic high speed is smaller compare to Blue star ferries. The seating arrangement also really different. The blue star ferries has no seat number. the passenger was seating everywhere together with their luggage. I mean, they are seating on the sofas and chairs, not on the floor, everywhere on the halls, restaurants, outside! I also found a large seating space on the rooftop deck. I think there would be rooms in Blue star ferries, but i’m not sure.

Meanwhile, Hellenic highspeed have fixed seat number. The luggage have to be stored in the provided rack.

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