#5 Europe Chapter 2 : Wandering Around In Santorini

Santorini is one of the most touristic place i’ve ever visit. I think, 70% population of Santorini island during summer time is tourist! 30% would be local. I went there right in the high season! It was early of August. I wasn’t really pay attention about it, until some friends pointed me out. I was thinking, yeah…….but i want to be in Europe on summer this time! Anyway……this decision cost me some money, that’s obvious! Hahahha!!

The most significant differences between shoulder season and high season would be accommodation price. It could be dropped to half on shoulder season. Off season/winter would not be a good choice to visit the island. Most of the hotels, restaurant, shops, everything would be close! Well, mostly, not all. There should be some open in Fira.  For the complete season guide to santorini, i found this website really useful! But i found it lately, after i’m back home. Hahaha!

How to move around in the island? Tourist have some options. Rent a scooter bike, (remember the closing scene of “Bourne Identity” movie? Marie Kreutz, the girl, she is renting scooter somewhere in Greece) rent a car (quite popular), rent ATV (weird to see the ATV on asphalt), taxi, and my favorite…….. local bus!! And….. lots of walks, of course. Well, actually lots of places in Santorini consist of narrow pathways with combination of steps, they require lots of walks…… That’s part of the Santorini charm, though.

eur-5Back to the Bus. Bus cost around 1,8 EUR to 2,4 EUR, depend on the destination. For the complete bus schedule and price, please have a look here bus-santorini. The ticket purchased on the bus, by the bus crew, not the driver!

At the beginning, i was thinking about renting scooter, but it was quite expensive, and i have no one to share the cost. Parking also not easy in santorini. So, i stick to local bus all over the time, except for two rides from the new port to the hotel, and the hotel to airport. The hotel owner give me a ride for those occasions.

Bus in Santorini works like shuttle. All of them started from Fira bus station heading somewhere on the island, and back to Fira. There are bus stop a long the way, we can catch them on the bus stop. So…… it might sounds wasting time to ride back to Fira, just to catch another bus to another destination. But that’s the most simple way of using this local bus. I pretty much enjoyed this back and forth kind of ride, because 1#Santorini is pretty small, the longest ride might take 30 maximal 2#the scenery along the road also interesting. So, let’s consider the bus ride as part of sight seeing! hahaha! Compare to buses in Surabaya, they look better, with working AC.


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