#7 Europe Chapter 2 : Survive in expensive-touristic area

I’ve never been to Scandinavian countries, but….. it is well known as expensive tourist hell. And i believe it! That’s why, i keep those northern lights temptation on the very end of my list. I would go there, for SURE!! I mean…..not sure when, hahaha! Some tempting places come with very high price tag,  indeed. That’s really a sad irony for my-not-so-rich-life.

Some traveler choose to avoid those expensive places. Wise yet sober option…….. That would have been easy when the curiosity virus haven’t infected you yet. On my case, i got hooked by the photos on the net, and at the same time  curiosity bug inject me by its venom.

Well, expensive or no is rather subjective, tough. So, here is my list of expensive places i have visited during my trip : Mikonos (Greece), Santorini (Greece), and Hallstatt (Austria). The most expensive was Mykonos, and i make it worse by visiting it in the high season! Please take note everyone……. pick your travel date while you are full and well awake. Deep inside my black heart, buried by piles of pride, covered by limited promo tickets, i have to admit, i was stupid enough to visit Greece in August…….eur-6Here is the hotel rate comparison for Mikonos island. Yes, i paid high for my curiosity, and i paid more for my stupidity. At the end, i don’t care, i love my stay in Mikonos!!

1# things to do to survive in expensive-touristic place : avoid the high season, if there is option for that! Because, some place are not worth visit out of the season. And, some place meant to be visited in certain dates, for example October fest in Munich. Everything from hostel to transportation option become crazy expensive during October fest.

2# things to do to survive in expensive-touristic place : stay a bit out of the main attraction. I’ve done it in my previous trip to Venice. Instead of staying in the lagoon, i stayed in Marghera, in main land. The hostel rate was a lot friendlier, and so with the food! This time, instead of staying in expensive Hallsatatt village, i was staying in Obertraun, across the lake. Obertraun is still expensive option, but it is better than Hallstatt. Another option in staying Salzburg, which is a lot cheaper. But….. the commute cost to Hallstatt is not that cheap. Yeah…… We need to be aware of the commute cost for this trick.

3# things to do to survive in expensive-touristic place : Only eat things from the supermarket. I did it religiously in Hallstatt and Obertraun religiously! 8 Eur for big bread and some processed meat, last for 3 days! Not bad at all actually (proud of myself! haha!)

4# things to do to survive in expensive-touristic place : use your feet well. Most of the time, transportation cost quite a lot. In most western europe countries, one hour transportation ticket cost around 2,10 EUR. In The Netherlands, they use distance based, instead of time based. Hungary is quite cheap, aroud 5.20 EUR for 24 hours ticket. The cheapest i ever had was in Sibiu-Romania. Only 1.5 Lei per ride, it is around 0.35 EUR! So…… for the expensive places, i tried my best to just walk and walk and walk. I’m not interested in taking public transportation for free, even though it is possible…… I mean, illegal of course, but possible.

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