#10 Europe Chapter 2 : Joining Granny Squad in Santorini

No, i don’t mean it literary…… No, there are no squad of granny in Santorini, don’t ever try to find them.

What really exist in Santorini is : Bikini troops!!

Seriously! In Santorini, all tourist, OK i exaggerate it, but well….. most of them are wearing bikinis no matter what, or where. Including in the town that raised more than 100 m from the beach. I kind of understand that people come to Santorini in the summer to lay on the various beautiful beach around the island. But…… when the water is down bellow, even though it is still so much on vision…. Bikinis are just not make sense to my conservative head. OK, it is just me and my habits actually.

They are NOT wearing bikini just like that on street, they always layered them with skirt, or some kind of beach dress. They looks pretty, actually. Don’t get me wrong (as if there would even read this crap :)) I don’t mind with people clothing, really! Sexy, naked, sultry, burqa, conservative, etc, i don’t mind. If i don’t like it, i would look away, that’s simple.

One day, i was about to take bus from bus stop near the Red beach, there were 2 girls in bikini. The bus crew was preparing before taking passengers in. He make sure no passenger with food got in, because it is prohibited to eat inside the bus. And, he make sure those 2 girls got their clothes on! So, after some argue, they wore their pairs of cropped tanks and short hot pants. That was not so much bigger compare to the bikini, hahahahha!!


So, what is Granny squad actually? That’s was my feeling when i was in black beach…… The time when i arrived, i realized i would be the only one wearing “speedo” tankini and short in this beach….. And that was true. Black beach have some simple-temporer shower cabin across the beach. That was great! For the one who have problem with public-changing-clothes like me…… Plus, wearing swimwear around far from the water also not a nice option. I know, i’m sound prude and probably difficult….. May be i am…. But that’s me anyway. I’d rather walking around in wet clothes than have to change it in public. Or….. the worse, i’d better stay away from the water!

So, the moment i stepped out from the cabin…. i saw some granny wearing one piece swim wear. There i am, joining the granny squad, who don’t show their midriff on public 😀

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