#13 Europe Chapter 2 : Sketching along the way

Actually, i’m kind of proud of myself. I make it to sketch a long my way! Seriously, even my sister think i drew a lot more in that 30 days of traveling, than the days i’m at home!! This is the luxury of traveling alone. I can sit and draw wherever i want, and for how long i need. To be honest, i don’t always on the mood of drawing, but i managed to push myself to at least make something simple, so i can keep the mood alive. I know, once i break the “string” it would be hard to re-build the mood.

So, here are my sketch a long the road!!

first sketch was frm Acropolis, Athens. It was hot as hell in Greece, i was in long queue to to get inside Acropolis. Once i got inside, i feel like i don’t want to go out fast. Because 1# It is a beautiful historic site, so magical. 2# I have been queuing long enough, why should i go out fast?? 3# It is expensive!! I want to absorb the acropolis air maximally!! So, i sat there, under the shadow, and sketching!


This one was random pedestrian in Athens. It was a great spot under the tree, on an interesting pedestrian, on comfy park chair.


This one is Mykonos. I love this island, although it was bank-breaker-spot!! But the view is just unique. All building are white and blue, the path are black and white. Splash of fuchsia from the bougainvillea put some accentuation. I have not much choice to do in this expensive pit, it turned out to be good, actually. I end up siting under the tree, in one alley, and sketching! That was the coolest things i could do in the hot Mykonos


This one is the view from my hotel room, Philippi Hotel- Mykonos
I was waiting for the “famous” sunset at Oia, Santorini (Greece). It was a perfect spot, just a few meters from the fort, facing the wind mill, and the most important, under the shade. Anyway…… Oia is sooooo damn awesome!!! I wish i can stay here 😀


I love historic site, and Greece have them almost everywhere! This one is Akrotiri, in Santorini. This site probably the oldest settlement in the whole europe. The scientist believe this site was established in 5th millennium BC! They kind of believe that this settlement has been a possible inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis. The whole city was covered by volcanic ashes, from Theran eruption about 1627 BC. The site has been excavated since 1967, and now it have been postpone due to Greece financial problem.


This one from Sinaia – Romania. After visiting the Peleș Castle, i was walking around the area. The Peleș Castle was too complicated to sketch, i was too lazy! So, i’m happy to find this interesting building on the area!


This one from square in old town, Sibiu – Romania. I was wandering around the old town. It was rainy, and i was so lazy.


Still in Sibiu-Romania. My laziness just hit the highest scale. Well, at least i did sketching, even though it was a non detail yet simple one 🙂


Budapest train station (Hungary). I took a night train from Romania to Hungary, i arrived to the Budapest city in this train station. I love it instantly. The architecture was so beautiful! I don’t really like the atmosphere in this train station, to be honest….. But still, beautiful building. So, on my second day in Budapest, i went to this train station just to make the sketch.


This is a random roof in Budapest (Hungary). Looking at the small drawing coverage and the poor details….. yes, my mood was dropped again 😀


Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. This small mobile coffee seller was so interesting. The size is similar with “Bajaj”. The cabin only fit for 1 person, yet the equipment behind was awesome! Big Italian coffee machine, all the utilities, and ingredients, are all packed nicely!


Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. The Rathaus is awesome!!! Grandeur building, lots of details, i just can not imagine how those drafter drew them. They didn’t use AutoCad, i bet! It was a film festival in Rathaus, so they put giant screen, blocking a bit of the building. They also arranged nice stadium style bench there.


Still from Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. It was also food bazaar in Rathausplatz! May be it is also connected to the film festival. Sorry, i was alone, no one explain me anything, and anything was written in Deutch. How they organized the food bazaar was awesome! I’m totally amazed. All the food stands in same modular size. Of course they personalized their booth. The sitting area for costumer was arranged well. All temporary bench and table was designed well. They are weather proof, rigid effective and interesting. Last but not least. They use real plate, real cutlery, nothing disposable. They arranged some effective washing dishes post. I guest it would be a good summer job for student, to work on a bazaar like this.


Hallstatt-Austria. I was lucky, it was properly sunny when i was there. Hallstatt is really beautiful yet touristic. the village looks like village from fairy tale books. The mountain, the lake, everything is magical! The down side is….. expensive. YES!! I could not afford staying in the Hallstatt village, so i stayed across the lake, in Obertroun. Hallstatt and surrounding are always busy with tourist, both in summer and winter.


This is drawing from my room balcony, in Obertraun. I was staying in Haus Am See. My room was a single bed room with shower, and shared toilet. My balcony is awesome!! I sat there, drawing, trying to absorb the “magical” air as much as possible. The area are cold even in Summer August, well, at least cold for me. Fog covering the lake in the morning and evening time.


My last sketch from Hallstatt. This is the Hallstatt train station, where tourist got off, and walk down to catch the boat to Hallstatt village. I was here to catch my train to Munich. It was drizzling all day. My hand was a bit shaky, so does with my sketch 😀


Brussels – Belgium. Brussels is really interesting. It is somehow looks like Amsterdam, with the buildings that lining coincide along the narrow stone path. Unlike Amsterdam that using lots of red bricks, Brussels have many art nuveau buildings. I was sketching in old part of the city, on the most touristic spot in Brussels. The chocolate shop i drew was so interesting. Too bad, i was wandering the old town with a friend, so i didn’t have the full freedom the do sketch. Beside, the summer sun was on its full glory, and there was no shade…..


Still in Brussels. I don’t know where is it actually. i was on tram ride, when enter the area, where slim houses stood in a row. They are art nuveau, art deco, simple european style, all are beautiful and elegant. So, i jumped out the tram, find a spot, and did small sketch.


Nijmegen – The Netherlands. I visited the city just because a friend of mine were studying here. The Nijmegen old town is not big, but quite interesting. Judging from the sketch i produced, it was clear, i was LAZY at that time :p


This is a canal under De Goyer windmill, Amsterdam. I went here to see the windmill, and i was too stupid to read further about it. It is turned out to be a good brewery, and i didn’t realize it. So, yes…. i didn’t taste the traditional Dutch Y-lake (Ijmeer) beer. That’s called stoopid.


Jordaan, Amsterdam – The Netherlands. This canal is near by the Anne Frank museum. I was thinking about visiting the museum, but i was not sure either. I was not in the mood of museum. The museum was quite packed actually, people were lining religiously. So, i decided to walk down the canal a bit, and sketching instead of queuing on the museum.


Last sketch i did in the trip. This was De Pijp, Amsterdam – The Netherlands. The cafe called De Wasserette.

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  1. Wah… kamu pinter sekali menggambar Soe… pastilah sangat menyenangkan berada di suatu tempat entah dimana, duduk berlama-lama menyerap jiwanya, dan menggambarnya pakai hati… tidak seperti aku yang cuma duduk-duduk melihat-lihat sembari ngopi-ngopi… paling cuma bikin foto dan selfi-selfi… kamu punya the art of traveling yang unik ya….

    1. soethearts says:

      Hallo Bedjo! Lho, ganti jadi Haris nih? lama ga main ke tempat mu 🙂
      Ga selalu bisa sketching sih. Semumpung traveling sendirian, sekalian memaksa diri untuk berlatih. Makasih apresiasi nya 🙂

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