If I were fu*king rich!!

FB 2
If i have LOTS of money….
I would buy all the “bemo” in surabaya, along with its permits
Within a year, i would rearranged the lines an code. I would re draw the map, and built the apps for the lines
The second year, i would gradually change the cars, and trained the drivers. They all employed, and paid monthly.
In the third year, i would review all the map, route and amounts of cars and rate. I would make sure all are efficient.
The forth year, i would make all bemo cars work punctually.
On the fifth year, i would make sure my bemo company sustainable, no need big profits, enough to support the system.

Too bad, i don’t have money. So, all i can have is shitty unreliable bemos, and sad drivers who doesn’t earn enough to support their family.

You might say we have online based transportation…. But that still too expensive for daily use. It is not solving our traffic problem, as a matter of facts, it is worsening! Because it is adding more vehicles on the road, means more traffic jam. On line transportation also making friction in society, and the government most of the time failed to be a fair jury, here!

Oh yeah….. good luck with your “tram-dream” , Madam Mayor, It would cost u alot of money, and give us nothing but contribution to the traffic jam!!

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