On The Road Again #2 : Why Georgia?


eu gio 3

To be honest, i’m not really aware of this country, until a Thai friend posted her Georgia photos on her Facebook. At that point my sense about Georgia was awaken!! It was bit sad that i’ve known Azerbaijan – the country next to Georgia – long time ago, but i have no idea about Georgia.

My Thai friend’s photo was not that amazing, she is not passionate about photography, she just snapped for the sake of sharing memories and moments. Her photos was all about hikking and mountain. They were so interesting! Around the same time, i also browsing about Kashmir area, ‘cos i wanted to see glacier live.  I’ve never seen snow live, anyway….. But, traveling to Kashmir area is a bit of a chalange on the safty side. I knew lots of lost travelers and backpackers have been in and out that area, but still….. i’m a bit reluctant. So, it was kind of coincidence meet lucky, i found out about Georgia! Georgia has Caucasus mountain, and it has glacier!! Big plus, Georgia is in peace, no tension at all.

After some – not easy – research in the net, i found this website causcasus trekking. Georgia is not popular yet. Therefore, not so much blog/website talks about it. This web is really helpful, for anyone who interested in hikking in Georgia.  No matter who you are, an hard core hikker, moderate hikker, to the -I’ll try my best, I promise!!- like me! This web have a lot of information, and the web owner, Jozef would happy to reply emails! That’s a big plus. He also dedicated 1 page for traveler to post travel plan, to find hikking buddy. I found my hikking buddy trough his web!

Aaaand…. this web have the most wesome photos of Georgia caucasus! It is really a booster to travel to Georgia!

I search about the visa regime, it turned out they use e-Visa! And the best part is, they put Indonesia on the list of eligible coutries for e-Visa! Yeayyy!! I tried to email the embassy in Jakarta, becouse i have really small information about it. It was only 2-3 Indonesian travel bloggers wrote about their experience with the e-Visa. Instead, i found sooo many stories about, e-Visa got rejected on the ground!! It was not by Indonesia passport holder though, but i’m kind of concern! It might happend to me though.

My email was not replied.

So, i took the risk, i applied for the e-Visa. It cost 20 USD + 2% service fee. Paid by credit card. The most important thing is, it tooks 5+ days to know if the visa appoved or no! Unlike Turkey e-Visa, it would approved right after you make payment. So……. you have to spare sometime, don’t do everything last minute!  I was a bit under estimate it, tho. I did it 2 weeks before my departure time. And i learn my lesson!

The first attemp to apply was rejected! Yes, after waiting for 6 days, i got email, it was rejected! The reason was about “the documen was not right”. I was shocked! I went trough all my documents, i thought i didn’t make anything wrong. I came to conclusion, it must be my photo. What i did before, i submited a scanned of my most recent photo. This time, i took the photo file, and edited into the size they wanted.

So, i re-apply right away. Yes, we can do that, need to pay another 20 USD of course, and wait for another 5+ days. This time my heart was abit uneasy, because my departure time was getting closer.

And it was granted!!




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