On The Road Again #3 : Something Happened from Mestia to Usghuli

After some deep research…. aka reading Caucasus-trekking carefully (com’on, i can not find any better resouce at that time), i decided to go on classic Mestia-Usghuli trail. There are many mountain open for hikking in Georgia, they are Svaneti, Kazbegi, Tusheti, Khevsureti , Racha, and Samegrelo. For some reason,  Svaneti is the most popular one….

On The Road Again #2 : Why Georgia?

  To be honest, i’m not really aware of this country, until a Thai friend posted her Georgia photos on her Facebook. At that point my sense about Georgia was awaken!! It was bit sad that i’ve known Azerbaijan – the country next to Georgia – long time ago, but i have no idea about…

On The Road Again #1 : The Route

So….. after 2 years no big traveling, i mean….. 4 weeks is consider as big to me, i managed to travel again!! Still some part of europa, plus Georgia and Turkey. Both Georgia and Turkey are trying to get into EU, actually, but geographically i think both are not in European continent. Before i went…

Gender : Nurtured, or Nature?

Lagi pride month, nih, tepat nya bulan Juni. Gara-gara pride month, jadi mikir soal LGBTQ++ Seriously, huruf nya kayaknya bakal nambah terus, hahah. Dulu-dulu, yang populer cuma LGBT aja, hari ini nambah Queer. Mungkin besok nambah A for asexual?